Apple launches the Mac Pro: up to 28 cores and a minimum price of 6.499 euros

Apple always generates a buzz with its new products, and the exit to the sale of the powerful and ambitious Mac Pro corroborates the trend. The new computer surprises in the first term by design and the author, feeling concentrated in terms of its housing, and its price is more than prohibitive: the model and the tower model for rack start from a price of 6.499 and 7.199 € , respectively, and the successive configurations to the letter, you can overcome the 63,000 euros.Its overwhelming cost, and the benefits and amplifications that allows you to underscore that this is a product aimed primarily at professionals and businesses. Happens the same with the screen Pro Display XDR also already available, and which constitutes a plug-in that represents a minimum payment amount of 5.499 extra euros.The Mac Pro is designed “by and for performance”, reports Apple on its website, since the above-mentioned aluminum casing (there is who in networks has been compared to humor with a grater of kitchen) can be removed to have 360 degrees of access to its components and configure the computer as the one you want. Its design, highlights the company, is governed by the ‘from the inside out’ in order to provide flexibility and the maximum utility.The roof (with handles of stainless steel, high-end ports and the possibility to include wheels to facilitate the transfer) transcends the decorative and, in addition to providing rigidity to the structure, it creates (along with the fans, the fan and the internal ducts) areas of different pressure to maximize the thermal capacity of the system. Your fabric is inspired by the structures of molecular crystals: a network of hemispheres, intertwined three-dimensional increases the surface area, which optimizes the air flow and structural stiffness.This team’s peak performance account with an Intel Xeon processor W whose configuration provides 8, 12, 16, 24, and up to 28 nuclei. The ‘customization’ is extended, as is logical to the memory (with six memory channels, ECC, ultra-fast and twelve DIMM slots physical supports up to 1.5 TB) and the graphics (with two modules, MPX and up to four GPUS).Apple has released in parallel as the ideal add-on to the Pro Display XDR, a retina display, 6K 32-inch dynamic range and up to 1,600 nits brightness. The model standard glass reaches 5.499 euros and the glass nanotexturizado, the 6.499 euros, amounts to that then you need to add the Pro Stand (1,099 euros) and the mounting adapter VESA (219 euros).
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Apple launches the Mac Pro: up to 28 cores and a minimum price of 6.499 euros
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December 11, 2019

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