Apple presents the results of the last quarter 2017

Apple today announced financial results for the third calendar quarter and fourth fiscal quarter of 2017.

In this period Apple managed revenue of 52.6 billion dollars and a net profit of 10.7 billion, or 2.07 per diluted share, compared with 46.9 billion and net profit of 9 billion, and 1.67 per share in the same quarter of the previous year. The inputs and earnings per share reached a record high in the fourth fiscal quarter, although the number of total gain is less than the 2015.

The gross margin for the quarter was 37.9% compared to 38% the previous year, with international sales representing 62%. Apple also declared a dividend payment of 0.63 dollars per share, paid on 16 November to shareholders who have registered until 13 November.

In this quarter, Apple sold 46.7 million iPhone (the previous year were 45.5 million); 10.3 million iPad (previous year 9.3 million) and 5.4 million Macs (year 2016 4.9 million).

In the entire fiscal year, Apple generated sales of 229.2 billion, with a net profit of 48.4 billion, which compares with the sales of 215.6 billion and net profit of 45.7 billion for fiscal year 2016.


Apple presents the results of the last quarter 2017
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November 3, 2017

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