Apple TV+ is now available

Today is the launch of Apple TV+ and attractions than 100 countries. Users will be able to see Apple TV+ via the Apple TV, the service offers a wide variety of shows, movies, documentaries, and original and exclusive. The content can be viewed in iPad, Apple TV, go touch, Mac, and smart TVs, selected Samsung, as well as through devices Roku and Loved Fire TV.

The shows available include “The Morning Show,” “See” and “For All Mankind”. Each one has three episodes, and then they will release an episode on a weekly basis, every Friday. Also available are all the episodes of “Dickinson” and shows children’s and family “Helpsters,” “Snoopy in Space” and “Ghostwriter”. Also available is the documentary “The Elephant Queen” and the first installment of “Oprah’s Book Club”, with a chat between Oprah Winfrey and Ta-Nehisi Coates, talking about his novel “The Water Dancer”.

“Dickinson” explores the limitations of society, gender and family from the perspective of the poet Emily Dickinson. “The Morning Show” explores the world of morning news and the lives of the presenters of news programs. “For All Manking” imagine a world in which the race of the global space has no end, and space programs maintained a central place in the united States. “See” is located in the future, 600 years of this, after a virus has decimated the population and left survivors blind.

subscribers of Apple TV+ can view the content without advertisements and online or offline. The shows have subtitles or dubbing in over 40 languages. The service has a cost of 4.99 dollars per month. There is a free trial period for seven days.


Apple TV+ is now available
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November 3, 2019

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