Applications incredible for Android, today MacroDroid

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Welcome back to over delivery , a section of Androidsis where we want to show all those amazing character applications that exist in the Android app store Play Store .

This time I want to present a totally free application called MacroDroid that will help us automate actions in our terminals with Android OS .

What can we do with MacroDroid?

 incredible applications for android incredible today macrodroid 2 Applications for Android, today MacroDroid

MacroDroid has a more intuitive interface can not we make it easier to create new shares to automate almost any function of our Android device, To give some examples of what we can achieve with MacroDroid here are some of the most common actions you can program:

  • Shake the device to load the last picture on Facebook.
  • Turn on Wifi automatically when you start a particular application.
  • Turn off the Wifi to complete an application.
  • reply to an incoming SMS through Shipping from our current location.
  • Show the current time to Boot the device or lock arouse him.
  • Using NFC tags on or off the device functions.

How to use MacroDroid


How I said a moment ago, interface MacroDroid is so simplistic in nature that gives us much tasks automate actions of our Android . It is so easy to use that you can simplify these steps:

From Settings select a trigger from the list, such as Battery.

  • We set specific settings for your Release eg 10% battery level.
  • select an option from the list of actions, such as turning off the Wifi, bluetooth or data connections.
  • We continue the process to add up to ten total actions for the same trigger.
  • Ability to select constraints to action as enabling exceptions selected weekday.
  • As in the list of Automated actions can select up to ten restrictions or rules for trigger.
  • Although this may seem like a little confusing or complicated, the truth is that when you enter the settings application I start to see everything very clearly because as I say, the interface is optimized for use with little knowledge of Android .

    An application with many I personally possibilities I recommend you to try and we may tell you that you think.

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    Amazing Android Apps, today MacroDroid MacroDroid – Device Automation
    Price: Free

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    Applications incredible for Android, today MacroDroid
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