Applies the style of iOS 7 to your Android

After the first day of WWDC2013 already know, finally, it looks like the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 7 . If you liked, in this post we will see how to apply it in our device Android . To do this, we do not need to Google convene an event to present news, thanks to the high degree of customization of Android we just all applications and options that we have to reach your hand.


We have many options in this section, we use Apex Launcher , Nova or ADW , eg. All offer a great response, fluency, many customization options and of course allow us to change the icons for the new style of iOS 7

Application on Google Play

Application on Google Play

Application on Google Play

Another option is iLauncher , which mimics iOS aesthetics with all the different desktop applications without possibility of putting widgets, with some adjustments and some changes of icons, then we will see, we can adapt to the new interface. It costs € 1.61.

Application on Google Play


Apple has introduced a complete renovation of its icons, from shiny new glass effect flat style , with very flat basic colors . Luckily, most of launchers available for Android, including those mentioned above, allow us to change the design of our icons .

Here are a few options to choose from:

Pack iOS 7 icons :

 ios7 icons

September Appicns


September Flat iOS Icons


September JFK

 jfk flat icons

And of course, we can also choose icons packs to find on Google Play:

Flat icons (ADW / Apex / GO / Nova) – 0.95 €

Application on Google Play

Stark (ADW / Apex / GO / Nova) – 1.37 €

Application on Google Play

Quick Settings:

Like the new Control Center in iOS 7, Android and enjoyed from the release of version 4.2 of the Quick Settings with the swipe the notification bar to change the state of WiFi, mobile data, bluetooth, rotation, airplane mode, GPS, etc.. Even earlier, many manufacturers already included these settings fast on their handsets. If even so, your smartphone does not have these shortcuts, you can easily implement these free apps:

quick settings android

MAPPZ Quick Settings , which analyze here :

Application on Google Play

AntTek Quick Settings:

Application in Google Play


The presentation of the new effect of the wallpaper in iOS 7th caused among the public few “wow! ” and “super cool!” , the reality is that this not new to us , we know for quite live wallpapers and left to cool first, but after a while you realize you’d rather have more battery: D

If you still want to have that same effect on your smartphone no problem! In Play you’ll Live Wallpaper 3D Image , which allows us to put any background and add the 3D effect as if the screen had several layers and can even adjust the intensity of the effect and vary your depth . It costs € 1.24

 3D Image Live Wallpaper

Application on Google Play

And here’s the default background image on iOS 7 :

Notification Bar:

 status bar

To keep to the smallest detail , we can adjust the appearance of our notification bar, for example by placing the clock in the center or varying the transparency of it. My partner Adrian we recently spoke of a revolutionary application called Xposed Framework check it out because, among other things, we can make changes in the top bar. Another option is to use these applications to find free Play.

Super Status Bar:

Application in Google Play

Omega StatusBar:

Application on Google Play

As you can see, we have many options for never bored not , we can mix and match and have a new Android within short time . This is just to show that we can approximate much to any other operating system interface (as well as we can do with Windows Phone) without having to wait forever to convene a keynote and we present a “revolution”. And, best of all, it’s probably in a matter of days or weeks we will have available applications, launchers, icons, and ROM’s complete that plasmarán 100% and with full fidelity the new OS from Apple, and this is how big of Android.

By the way, what do you iOS has appeared to you in July, I would like to see some of it, aesthetically speaking, in the new versions of green robot?

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Applies the style of iOS 7 to your Android
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June 12, 2013

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