Applying manga drawing effect to your photos with Aillis


Aillis is the photo editing application LINE, which in fact it used to be called simply LINE Camera . In Spain it is not too popular, it drops to 76th in the ranking of photo applications.

Although it is true that Aillis is perhaps too” cute “for western tastes of many, has more than a surprising function and in general is a photo editing application pretty good and most functions you might need.

Like LINE, some items to decorate your photos, frames and stickers are blocked with integrated premium and shopping. Not so with the Filters has 60 and are all free . Some of them are of sufficient quality and you will not find in other applications such as filter Manga


Point. Shoot. Manga.

There are already many applications to take selfies including one way or another cartoon filter , as Cartoon Camera , but the results are rarely surprising. Often limited to desaturate the image and detect roughly so the edges image. It looks more like a cartoon, yes, but not very realistic.

Effects Cartoon Effect Camera (left) and Aillis (right)

filter Aillis sleeve is far more interesting , as well as having a better edge detection, also use lines to color dark areas of the image. The result is much more apparent.

The way to achieve this effect could not be easier, even if it is the first time you use Aillis you may be a little lost. The application opens by default in camera mode. The three colored circles (right trigger) shows you the filter list .

 Manga Impact

In the filter list, look for the filter called Manga and activate it. One of the main advantages of Aillis is showing you a real-time preview of how each filter you do, so you can adjust the scene before taking the picture is.

The filter has no additional option, although it is available in two variants: black and white and color. Touching the alternating effect between these versions but you can also use the opacity slider. Finally, the Exposure slider to the right of the window allows you to darken or lighten the result, according to your preference.

 Exposure Same effect with different exposure

Once you have finished your creation, you can decorate with others stickers and frames to make sure the outcome is completely “kawaii”. And you’ll have no problem, because in addition to the payment, there are many stickers and complimentary frames.


Once you’ve finished, you can share the result with your friends easily in messaging applications, social networks or simply save a copy to your gallery for your enjoyment. You see, the results are quite eye-catching.

Aillis - Filters & Stickers

Aillis – Filters & Stickers Varies with device

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Applying manga drawing effect to your photos with Aillis
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January 23, 2016

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