Apps and parental control features for these weeks in which triggers the use of the mobile

The confinement is triggered by the consumption of the Internet and the time in which it remains immersed in the screens. At the individual level, the situation makes it advisable to realize when it has entered in a loop and, in family, the appeal of digital entertainment next to the smaller must be accompanied by discretion and moderation.

If you have children in the age of greater autonomy or teen, even if they arise discussions, not a bad time to test applications and functions of parental control, and stay more calm.

Several of the apps described below contemplate the option of the location of the minor, unnecessary now for the circumstances. Re-use will be a good sign.

The application reference in this framework, both for Android as for iOS devices, is Family Link, creation of Google. It works by using the link accounts of the mobile phone of the father or the mother and the child, action taken in the initial settings, a process that lasts for a few minutes but that is easy thanks to the instructions.

The tool displays activity reports, allows you to approve (or reject) the apps who want to download the children, manage shopping direct from these, to set limits of time and lock your devices remotely, for example when there has already been enough.

Brands associated with the antivirus offer their own apps in this area, as reflected in the cases of Kaspersky Safe Kids, and Norton Family (Android / iOS). The first, with free and paid version, makes it possible to filter inappropriate content, set time limits, check if battery is running low as well as receive real-time notifications and detailed reports.

For its part, the proposal of Norton includes, among other things, the search monitoring and navigation, alerts, control apps, and the lock immediately.

Available for Android, Kids Place, enables a ‘safe zone’ for the child who is to leave your mobile phone, in a custom screen only will the apps before selected by the adult. Parents, using a PIN, you can lock access to Google Play. For the advanced configuration offers a premium version.

it is Worth remembering that among the functions embedded in the smartphones is a figure of analyze and control the time of use and for example to resort to timers. is Android is the paragraph well-being digital / digital Health, which, however, depends on the operating system and the manufacturer (Balance digital in Huawei). Also, the Samsung devices incorporate the Child Mode.

iPhone and iPad, Time-of-use difference between the device of the adult and the child. Allows you to create a specific code to protect the settings, setting of limits of use of apps or introduce restrictions content.

The app of YouTube aimed at children is interesting for the filters to run in terms of the type of videos that can be enjoyed.

The platform VOD includes the profile Kids as well as the option to set a PIN to restrict movies and tv shows or concrete according to the classification by ages. These last two actions require to perform the configuration from the web.

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Apps and parental control features for these weeks in which triggers the use of the mobile
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April 7, 2020

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