Apps to succeed in Christmas with fun congratulations

It has finally arrived on christmas Eve! As is usual in the last few years, your smartphone not ringing with notifications of WhatsApp: you are filling up the gigs of phone memory with videos of elves with familiar faces, gifs Holy, and memes of cats and more cats sabotaging Christmas.Since it became fashionable, the applications to create your videos personalised christmas have come out like mushrooms in autumn. If you don’t want to stay behind, sign up these that you propose and get down to work to become the best version of santa Claus.Oh, and the eye! Remember that, in all of them, you will have access to your photos and your camera as a minimum, so if you are someone who does not trust the lack of privacy you’ll have to find another way to congratulate the Holidays. And, to be apps free, get ready for a good cup warm advertising.With option to put two photos, this app is ideal for couples: you can do that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend felicitéis Christmas in the guise of santa and his elf. It has 9 different funds and the result is a dance of between 25 and 30 seconds very lively which includes a ‘dabdance’, a fun and very saleroso snowman or the song of ‘Rudolph the Reindeer’ depending on the case.Similar to the previous one, but in this case lets you pick a bit more: you will see two people in the video but you can decide if you are girl or boy and if you want the dresses of santa Claus or an elf. The video lasts about 25 seconds and there are 5 funds to choose from, depending on the selected the result will be more or less classic. In one accompanies protagonists are a snowman and the other sounds of the background of the mythical ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ Mariah Carey.If yours are the christmas carols, this is your app. Allows you to include photos up to 5 ‘carol singers’ dressed in red and green, and accompanied by Mom and Dad Noel, it is perfect for large families! Yes: remember to fine tune images because, as the characters sing, move their mouths. With 6 choices of funds, you will have a video of about 40 seconds very endearing and christmas.It is very similar to the previous one but in Spanish version. You can choose to 5 persons to exit at your christmas carol, and between ‘fish in the river’, ‘Sweet Christmas’, ‘Arre borriquito’, ‘Mi burrito sabanero’, ‘silent Night’ and ‘Bell on bell’. Leave dresses of shepherds in the company of a burrito, an angel and santa Claus in a video with classic of all the life of about 40 seconds.If you want to get out of the classics and a more ‘badass’ and tailored to your needs, you’ve found what you were looking for. This app offers you to choose between 6 characters: a Santa Claus with briefs of hearts on top of the suit, a snowman with top hat, Rudolf, a couple of elves and Mother Christmas with trench coats and dancing the ‘gangnam style’. After you select one of the 10 funds, which offers -or make a photo in the background that you want – and gives access to the micro and the camera on your mobile phone for record your personalized greeting.
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Apps to succeed in Christmas with fun congratulations
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December 27, 2019

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