Aprendre Android: how to disable predefined applications

A big advantage of Android over other systems is the ability to define which app should open each time the system . So for example when we open a web link, the system offers all installed browsers to open, with a screen that gives us to choose which application to use and if we use this long for this action (depending on the version of Android This screen can change).

If we define some of the default applications, we will not leave this screen , until we install a new app the same or change the settings. There may be many reasons why we decide we do not like this setup, the example of browsers are: we use both settings (browser sync with different accounts), there are links that we want to open with the stock (eg not recognize Nightly Play Google links itself and opens the page in the browser instead of sending you to the application) or simply not liked as much as we thought you browser.


Suppose then that want to change settings . We just have to go to settings -> applications -> All -> application that we chose as default. viewer can also open the recent application and hold on the image we want, we will get the option to view the app information and arrive at the same place. Once we enter the application settings only have come down on this screen to find “Clear Defaults” and click here . This action erase all actions are linked with the app, so if you have several actions linked to it, and you will all leave unlinked table to choose again.

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Aprendre Android: how to disable predefined applications
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February 7, 2013

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