Artificial intelligence, diagnostic solutions and big data: the future of the health sector

Telefónica and GE Healthcare, a provider of digital solutions in the health sector, have united to “lead the digital transformation of the health in Spain”.

Both companies will launch a jointly ideas in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to health care, the medical Image, the Diagnostic Solutions and the Big Data sanitary.

Based on medical data and the subsequent application of artificial intelligence on them, to “to provide the physicians the necessary information at just the right moment to make the decisions of diagnosis and appropriate treatment,” say these companies in a press release.

“It’s about increasing the quality of processes, diagnoses, unifying the various sources of image, such as x-rays, imaging, cardiology, etc; bringing health services to the entire population regardless of their location, improving the health of people living in rural areas and not near a specialist; to increase the productivity of professionals, who will be able to serve a larger number of patients; improve patient satisfaction and control costs, to modernize the infrastructures that have become obsolete without having to make large investments in new systems,” he added.

The digital solutions and the application of Artificial Intelligence to health “will transform our health systems to achieve the best results and the greater prevention and early care”, highlights David Labajo, Chief Digital Commercial Officer of GE Healthcare Europe.

“The ability to use the resources provided to us by the data and the evolution of the Artificial Intelligence is going to be critical to the improvement of our health care system, in the clinical setting and in the management. We help professionals in the health, equipándoles with the best tools so that they can continue to develop the extraordinary work that they do and that has proved essential during the current health crisis”, indicates Luis Campo, president of GE Healthcare Iberia.

Emilio Gayo, president of Telefónica España, said: “We are talking of a market of Digital Medical Imaging that is is already used in other countries as Italy, and that only in Spain and Portugal invoice 210 million euros”.

The process of patient care since suffering the first symptoms until it is diagnosed and put on treatment becomes “easier” thanks to the clinical applications based on Artificial Intelligence, and a system of communications, management of data centers and hardware that allows “storage in the cloud and their replication”, which is accessed thanks to Business Intelligence solutions and Big Data.

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Artificial intelligence, diagnostic solutions and big data: the future of the health sector
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