As the founder of McDonald’s deceived the true creators of the idea


  • Ray Kroc bought the original business to its creators, the brothers Maurice ‘Mac’ and Richard ‘Dick’ McDonald.
  • The purchase price was one of the reasons that Kroc was angry with McDonalds, who accused try to cheat.
  • Since then, Kroc did not meet other established agreement, as the percentage of benefits to be gained Mac and Dick. .
  • The story is part of the script of ‘The Founder’, the story of the origin of McDonald’s to star Michael Keaton

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The film biopics about great entrepreneurs often not letting puppet head. If we already did an idea of ​​how they are spent, for example, Steve Jobs (in Jobs ) and Mark Zuckerberg ( The Social Network ), it now appears that it’s up to Ray Kroc , the founder of the empire McDonald’s .

It will be with the film The Founder starring Michael Keaton , in which, according to various media such as The Hollywood Reporter side will Dark Kroc, played by Keaton.

The script of The Founder will be borne by Robert Siegel ( Big Fan ) and will tell the true story of Ray Kroc, a salesman from Illinois in the fifties crossed the path of Maurice ‘Mac’ and Richard ‘Dick’ McDonald , who ran a hamburger in Southern California, opened in the 40 under the name of Bar-BQ McDonald.

Kroc was impressed by the rapid system established by the brothers to the food and saw the potential franchise . The film will tell how the company maneuvered to launch the McDonald brothers and create an empire of a billion dollars.

melts Kroc McDonald brothers

But the story goes beyond , as can be read in detail in Daily Mail . Apparently, Kroc, after winning brand exclusively, did not respect the agreement reached with the creators of the company, which initially helped expand the business by the state of California.

The company won fame a few years. It expanded throughout the United States in the 50 became one of the reference marks fast food . Kroc, who until then had been spent working as a promoter and employee of McDonald, would then remain the exclusive business.

deal to buy of the company’s burgers , in the early ’60s, he established a payment of $ 2.7 million for the McDonald brothers, who also would get about 0.5% each of the benefits that would be generated, something that did not happen and would have reported McDonald to a huge fortune of tens of millions of dollars.

The price of $ 2.7 million was established by Dick and Mac for Kroc McDonald’s brand exclusively he would tarry. This greatly angered price Kroc, who thought they were trying to trick you ruin it. He paid the price reluctantly, but devised a series of revenge .

First, he built a McDonald’s near the original settlement who ran the brothers, robbing customers and forcing these to close . Neither paid the percentage of agreed benefits, which, according to details Daily Mail , would have been to late 70s a fortune from 15 million a year to the McDonald brothers . Finally, he tried to erase from history of McDonald’s brothers creators of the idea and get it as a great architect of the idea alone. So it was presented in society in the early success of McDonald’s, but I had to admit after the reality of events.

Kroc died at age 82 in 1984 . His fortune was then valued at $ 500 million. Mac died of a heart attack, leaving his brother a fortune of 1.8 billion dollars. Dick died in 1998.

“It was all the fault of the ego of Kroc. He finished placing a bust of him in every restaurant that opened. How is it that an employee will end up being the founder of a company?” Says Ronald McDonald today, nephew of the founders of the company. Interestingly, the company museum is in the considered first restaurant chain and is in Illinois (home state of Kroc) and not in California.

The premiere of . The Founder is scheduled for spring 2016


As the founder of McDonald’s deceived the true creators of the idea
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May 9, 2015

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