As well can you off badly with the card on the Internet: beware of these frauds

In the past few days has unveiled a new way in which ciberladrones can take advantage of you in Internet.

The method is simple: the scammers use your credit card expired, which previously had associated with your account in the store online, to make purchases and then intercept the package before it arrives to the delivery address using the customization options of the shipping offered by the big portals electronic commerce.

a study developed by the National Statistics Institute (INE), in Spain more than 20 million people have been bought by Internet in 2019. It also grows the use of forms of payment such as ‘electronic purses’ -as can be PayPal-, but there are platforms that do not accept these methods -as is the case of the Amazon, that remains the favorite of the great companies of e-commerce of the Spanish-.

For this reason, and although the companies have very advanced security systems, proliferate scams online with the cards . As in the offline world, as you move the cybersecurity, so does cybercrime.

The greater number of frauds are not a consequence of the theft or loss of the card, but that are produced by the copying and duplication of credit cards by using a link or malware. The same data of the card before the thieves tried to get through the direct observation of the physical support, now the cibercacos get through the Internet.

These are called email phishing, or phishing, sent by scammers who present themselves as credible institutions for steal personal or financial information through a link with a malicious program.

According to a report, 2018 of the Bank of Spain, the year a million of fraudulent operations with cards, for an amount of 88 million euros. Of the total number of fraudulent transactions, 64% corresponds to fraud on purchases made in operational remote as that mentioned above, but a growing 34% corresponds to POS physical -only the 2% corresponding to atm-.

on the one hand, today nearly all bank cards are contactless; and on the other hand in Spain you can make payments up to 20 euros without entering a pin. If together the two factors, it appears that the market niche for the crooks, and maybe a reason to that 34%.

The cards contactless use a system of wireless transmission of information called RFID, which allows you to transmit bank data to a card reader over a short distance -about 30 inches as a maximum – avoiding the need to enter the card in a slot. You can even pay without removing it from the portfolio, simply arrimándola the reader.

So, a thief could carry a card reader contactless, approach your portfolio and make a payment of less than 20 euro you get.

although, in full by 2020, there is that fear of Internet purchases and companies to strengthen their barriers against the cyber attacks increasingly, you must be cautious. As always, it is important to use passwords to access secure and be attentive to the movements doubtful of your accounts -for example, if you get the confirmation of a purchase that you have not made, you must notify-.

In the first place, all the experts agree in recommending that if you buy actively for Internet use always the same card to do this, so that it will be easier to control the movements. In fact, some even recommend that you create a card exclusively for your Internet shopping, so in case of theft can be a containment, and the balance is not unlimited.

in Addition, when set up your card make sure that you put safety means to purchases: you can choose to get a notice the phone when you make a movement -if your bank has app it is likely that this will be done automatically – and in many cases will be the entity itself the one that requires some type of verification in two steps -for example with sending an SMS– to make a purchase.

you can Also put physical means to prevent theft: it is purses and handbags that will literally put a physical barrier to your card to prevent theft type contactless. This protection blocks the wireless transmission of banking information, by avoiding the occurrence of the theft.

In case you are the victim of a fraudulent use, you are protected by the Law on Payment Services, which limits the liability of the holder:

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As well can you off badly with the card on the Internet: beware of these frauds
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February 2, 2020

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