Astrology paid with public money, made in Spain

Astrology paid with public money, made in Spain

When public television broadcast an interview with an uncritical interview with an astrologer, it is time to question his conduct in this case.

not a few people think that truth is relative, that the world is as the lens through which we look and similar topics, which come from postmodern relativism and for those who ask for reasons, evidence or rationale is at least contradictory: what truth is relative is a truth ?, and is also relative? That’s the impasse coming, and you can only go recognizing that not everything is a matter of opinion , and you have an instrument able to overcome our individual weaknesses, thanks to which we are adding data and clarifying the information we gathered with him to use and benefit the world: href=”” science .

so this brings us, href=”” scientific literacy is central to human progress in every way, and is precisely what prevents people harbor misconceptions about reality . But this would not be a fight if there were those who pull the rope to the other side irrationally; and the last case occurred so relevant href=”” the Spanish public television with a report nothing less than href=”” astrology.

An astrologer in Spanish Television

a few days ago informed us journalist Luis Alfonso Gámez that, in its issue of April 12, magazine a point with La 2 he had issued a short report in which they interview the astrologist Martina Argentina Carutti ; and the subject of the interview, as will suppose, are the theoretical details of matter that has been consecrated, an ancient pseudoscience and take back: the indisputably oldest evidence of systematic astrology found in the first dynasty of Mesopotamia, which began nineteen centuries before our era, in times so dark for human knowledge that the scientific method was then a utopia. Something goes wrong when they acríticas interviews TVE on astrology, an indisputable pseudoscience

the term ‘astrology’, from the Greek, meaning “study of the stars,” but not in the way it does the science of astronomy , it is a system of divination in which it is assumed that the position of the stars at birth influences how our personality and in the future we will have, and you may be aware of both their direction.

Cristina Hernandez, narrator of the report broadcast on La 2 Spanish TV, presents Carutti as someone who “grew up among astrologers” and that “helps people by interpreting your chart to find a broader look at what is happening to them and discover unknown qualities of person that are affecting them without being aware of it so “.


Martina Carutti in ‘A point with La 2’ – RTVE

and between it and the Carutti own make assertions like “planets move all the time and that produces some energy vibration” that “we have an energy body, in addition to the physical body,” which “Mars has a quality, which is the impulse, decisiveness, strength” that “there is an interconnection between all parts of the universe and even thoughts can generate movements in other parts of the network,” or that ” our technological mind has a way of acting that makes us feel separated from the rest of the system. “ what help can provide us with astrology in our daily lives” reportage talking about was presented ”

at one point the report, Carutti ensures that “we must open ourselves to the possibility of thinking and feeling that in some strange and mysterious way, we are beings human intimately related to the planets and the stars. ” But if that way is mysterious, how she knows and her schoolmates that is?

As you can imagine, their claims are baseless and, as the truly scientific studies have done, href=”” astrology does not work , confirming what it says common sense if you think about the arbitrariness of the constellations and astrologers are unable to explain how it has come to the conclusion that we can trust his method: you do not know some truth to that it is not in able to demonstrate how you know; that is the scientific method.

The error of equidistance with pseudoscience


Cuarzos and astral letter ‘A point with the 2 ‘- RTVE

the presenter Elisabet CarCine presented the piece as follows: “Let’s see in the next report what help we can provide astrology in our daily life.” With this and its contents as expected, sent a complaint Angel Nodal, defender Spanish TV viewer, who, according href=”” its own Statute it is assumed that “acts as defender of citizens’ right to accurate, independent and pluralistic information” , responds to complaints and reports to the audience on the last Saturday of each month RTVE responds program also issued at the 2 we know for sure that Carutti not tell the truth in the story and the only honest thing for any informer according to ethics is point it out without fuss or apology

the answer I received from Nodal was that “freedom is given to the respondent, depending on their profession, to express, without this meaning that the program of scientific truth what the person is saying, “” our goal is to present the different approaches to reality, not certify “, the voiceover Hernandez” underscores the distance between the interviewer and the respondent “with expressions like” for astrologers, “” according to astrology “and” says Martina Carutti “and to top that” the viewer must decide whether it considers of interest information. “

A few fellow journalists not this seems outrageous for several reasons. The first is the principle of truth that governs journalistic ethics and, although there is no doubt that shows what says Carutti and astrology without manipulation of any kind in the article, his statements imply an absolute falsehood certified The science. That being so, the obligation of every journalist who boasts at least is to make this clear so that the audience is not carried Error , without equidistance.


Angel Noda defender viewer TVE – RTVE

Because we are not talking about a matter of opinion, that is a matter of opinion: the influence of the stars in its surroundings is a matter of science, is something that can be scientifically tested. It is not, for example, a political debate in which ethics for the journalistic practice is to contrast the different ideologies and opinions, we know that Carutti not tell the truth in the story and the only honest thing for any informer according to ethics is point it out without fuss or apology. Otherwise, contravenimos “the citizen’s right to accurate information” that, in theory, the defender of the viewer is their champion . We doubt that to fuel people who spread pseudoscience and live them appropriate, especially on public television

on the other hand, is that the channel sell A point with La 2 as a program “aimed at the viewer who wants to escape from the ordinary, helping to discover original projects that will improve their everyday life,” and the “Portrait” section to which the report belongs, as a space “on people worth knowing”. But pseudoscience, seeking a completely wrong view of the world, improve our daily lives ?, and really worth knowing someone who promotes them and earn money with it?

We can not stay in the level of form criticism but considering that astrology is a pseudoscience, that their proposals have no certainty, we doubt that to fuel people who broadcast and live them, as Carutti, appropriate, especially on public television financed with taxes of all citizens and from which we expect and demand that neither we take hair or serve as speaker for those who do .


Astrology paid with public money, made in Spain
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April 21, 2016

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