Atresmedia commitment to their own quality YouTube Flooxer


Atresmedia to bet decisively for digital video. This has become clear in presenting Flooxer , digital video platform that extends and enhances what group was doing so far in Atrestube , it was his own YouTube channel network. In fact, arguably Flooxer poses a direct competition against the online video platform, but with some special features.

The presentation emphasized that Flooxer will include premium video content , created for the platform and some of Spain’s most popular artists. José Manuel González Pacheco, CEO of Digital Atresmedia, explained that “Flooxer offers native and professional digital video in a safe environment,” and pointed out that wants to reach the widest possible audience, and not just the millennials <- more ->

The rise of digital video

Pacheco González told that in the decision to launch Flooxer, has weighed the great growth that has consumption experienced online digital video and Spain. A 87% of Spanish Internet video content looks in this way, and Atresmedia applications dedicated to this sector, as Atresplayer, are also considered a success by the group.

The growing popularity of digital video in the audience, and growth in ad spending also in this sector (20% el last year), they have encouraged Atresmedia to launch this platform, as indicated both as Silvio González González Pacheco, CEO of Atresmedia. But, although it has enough of that business opportunity talked (because Flooxer will be free for users), in the presentation stressed the commitment for the content.

The creators of Flooxer

Flooxer Makers

Gonzalez Pacheco noted that the objective of Flooxer is that” you want to go beyond viral, it is to build brand image and channel “, and aims to reach all audiences. To do this, the main challenge of the platform is the order of their content . This (which adds about 1,500 home videos) are organized into four groups: creators, formats, slaughterhouses and genres, and in all priority is given to quality. Silvio González noted that “wants to be a reference in the digital audiovisual world,” and added that “Flooxer seeks to enhance the quality of the digital world.”

Among the content creators who are working with Flooxer include well known names such as Nacho Vigalondo , the youtuber jpelirrojo or those responsible for World Today , and the contents are divided into topics like beauty, humor and sport. There is also space for children’s content with a channel for Pocoyo, for example, and the platform is open, also, the branded content .

The presentation also emphasized the technical aspect of Flooxer , which has a design responsive nomenclature and semantics , and seeks to provide easy navigation experience without cuts to the user. Silvio Gonzalez explained that Flooxer is a bet on all Atresmedia, and wants to be the meeting place of the most interesting popular digital native creators and Spain.

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Atresmedia commitment to their own quality YouTube Flooxer
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November 17, 2015

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