Audi presents the Audi Smart Display tablet and a new dashboard for Audi TT

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Recently we told you Google and Audi were working closely to design a system Android car entertainment . Even about a year ago, Audi was looking for Android programmers for specialized work in one of their headquarters in Germany. Furthermore, Audi has also signed agreements to work with Nvidia and others thanks to the Automotive Open Alliance .

And this seems just met with the presentation from inside the Audi’s new Audi TT at CES . Since this announcement, the revolution can finally make the jump into cars, assuming major changes, such as eliminating the typical central display of the car to integrate a digital box instruments in our dashboard.

Also, also have presented the tablet Audi Smart Display , a tablet designed for multimedia features to provide all accompanying driver, which is fully connected to the car.

Regarding redesigned Audi TT , the company has shown the first images of third-generation TT. In them we see a revolutionary change design interior , with a very minimalist line. Among other things, as mentioned, the central box disappears to integrate into a complete picture on the dashboard driver , very complete.

The display of this new instrument cluster is completely customizable 12.3 inch high resolution . Under these inches we see things like the signs of the browser, the parameters of the car … and control other aspects such as the media player. To move between the different sections or menus, we will have a control on the center tunnel of the car similarly to a touchpad .

audi tt dashboard

But it has not stopped there. To accomplish this, it has been presented at the CES 2014 Audi Smart Display , a 10.2 inch tablet Full HD (1920 x 1080) and Nvidia Tegra T40 (a variation of the Tegra 4) , which will be integrated with the car via WiFi. The tablet will run Android , but optimized for use in car.

 audi smart display

In fact, lead to a highly customized interface , or at least a dedicated application for use in car . However, we have access to the leading Android underneath, so for example we can reach Google Play , and we will control eg multimedia system (or even play sound tablet in car speakers), the temperature of the car and see its parameters , or access the Internet by connecting LTE (through AT & T for now) to reach some models of the company, such as the Audi A3. But this is not the driver!

The tablet will be made of aluminum , an optimized design for the car, and be prepared to work with adverse conditions , as the temperature that we can find in a car. In fact, Audi speaks of temperatures between -40 º C and 80 º C!

All this is nothing but confirm the narrow exite tie between Google and Audi from that in 2004, began to work with Google Maps and Google Earth to add navigation functionality and later añadieran voice search. This does not mean that Audi also continue to work with Apple to achieve full integration with iOS.

remains to determine when we will have this system, and how much we have to pay for it, so we’ll have to wait. Do you think this system will revolutionize the automotive market

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Audi presents the Audi Smart Display tablet and a new dashboard for Audi TT
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January 8, 2014

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