Audited accounts in Instagram: how to get the tick blue?

Lately, it seems that there is a new symbol in Instagram you want to become a hollow: the ‘tick’ blue own of the audited accounts. Will seize the throne as a symbol more desired to the heart, now that the likes on the social network are hidden?

Place this small seal of quality on the side of your user name is a synonym of authenticity, and many are those who yearn for your account. If you’re one of those, here we show you how to access the verification service Instagram to validate your identity.

In the first place, to clarify that this is not a new procedure and that other platforms such as Twitter also used for quite some time. However, in these troubled times in which the fake news are the order of the day, check the information and verify the source from which it comes is paramount. And so you make sure that you follow the real person.

Since a couple of years, this is an open service, and any user who wishes to validate their credentials on the platform you can apply to be part of the team ‘tick’ blue. Always, of course, that they meet a series of requirements.

first, sign with your user account and password in the app Instagram and go to your profile settings. If you are new to the platform or you’ll make a bit of mess with your handling, you can access your account settings by going to your profile -click on your photo at the bottom of the app-, by clicking on the three little lines that appear above and to the right, and finally selecting the option ‘Settings’ -the first of all, next to the symbol of the roulette wheel-.

once inside of ‘Settings,’ look for the section that says ‘Account’ to the side of an icon like a rag doll. There click on ‘Request verification’ and the app you will form. In him, your user name appears filled in automatically, and you only have to complete the following data: name and surnames, ‘is known’ -in case you have a nickname famous – and category, making reference to the area of influence in which you stand out.

The categories can be news and media, sports, government and politics, music, fashion, entertainment, bloggers and influencers, or businesses, brands and organizations. Also you can choose the option ‘other’ if none of the above fits your profile.

finally, in this same form, you’ll need to attach or an official identity document that includes a picture of yours -for example, the driving licence, the passport or a national card of identification- or official documents of your company, such as an invoice, the tax declaration or the bylaws of the society.

once you submit this information, Instagram will verify the data and will communicate after a few days the decision on your verification seal. Remember that the act of sending a request does not necessarily mean that the social network you are awarded a seal, as well as appointment the platform in the application form. is Can reject the request if it does not meet the necessary conditions.

make Sure you adhere to the rules of the social network, both in terms of use policy as regards community standards, if you want to grant you this check.

If your account of Instagram does not have a profile picture, you will not get the seal of verification. In addition, you must have a posting made, as a minimum, and your personal data must be complete and up to date.

Your account must be public and represent a real person and you must provide true data. Also, is not can you suggest who to follow you on other networks. And, finally, your account and digital presence should be relevant.

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Audited accounts in Instagram: how to get the tick blue?
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January 31, 2020

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