Australian Prime Minister who mysteriously disappeared and was never found

The Australian Prime Minister who mysteriously disappeared and was never found

Harold Holt not passed into history for what he did in this world as a political frontline, but by the way he lost track on it.

missing persons is the world sadly full , anonymous people usually known only to those of its close or virtual environment. And among the causes being considered for their disappearance, the fact that they have been victims of some form of violence is often the safest or plausible. Also for individuals and Jimmy Hoffa href=”” , perhaps the most famous public figure in such circumstances. A flight, on the other hand and as is logical, it is attributed to fugitive of justice considered, case of Nazi criminals in search and seizure after the end of World war II, as Alois Brunner and Dr. Josef Mengele the well-known, both officers of the SS or Schutzstaffel, for many years after his death was reported. But neither of these two cases it is supposed the disappearance of the seventeenth Prime Minister href=”” Australia, object of this text .

Life and political work of Harold Holt

Holt was born in Stanmore, a suburb of New South Wales west of Sydney in August 1908. studied law at the University of Melbourne , for which he won a scholarship, where he excelled in sports such as Australian football or cricket and speaking before graduating in 1930. Already practicing law, he joined in 1933 the conservative united Party of Australia, successor to the National Party since 1917 and, since 1945 and until today, Liberal Party of Australia, and after three attempts, became one of parliamentary younger Australian history in 1935, ie, at twenty-seven : the third was the charm Thanks to him the “Australian white politics” relaxed why is prevented. the entry into the country of “nonwhite” people

But in May 1940 decided to fight as a gunner in World War , until several ministers died in a plane crash in Canberra and the Government of Australia called for him to return to focus on the political service. was Minister of Labour October 1940 and the same month in 1941, and was in charge of Scientific and Industrial Research until last August that year. Between 1948 and 1956, he held the position of Immigration Minister , and thanks to him the “Australian white policy” for which the entry is prevented in the country of “nonwhite” people relaxed. He reassumed the portfolio of Labour between 1949 and 1958, and as Treasurer , from that last year, established the Reserve Bank of Australia and launched the process for the state to integrate their currencies in the decimal system.

harold holt

Harold Holt and Lyndon Johnson – lbjlibrary.tumblr .com

had been vice president of the Liberal party for a decade, until he was elected Prime Minister and party leader in January 1966 . His Government delved into the relaxation of white politics, equating immigration requirements for certain number of non-European foreigners who the natives of the old continent demanded, in 1967 he decided not to devalue the Australian dollar and the British pound as had been doing for decades, called a constitutional referendum in which they voted that the Commonwealth had power to legislate on indigenous Australians, and strongly supported the actions of President Lyndon Johnson in the Vietnam War. And later, after twenty-two months ahead of Australia, evaporated .

How she disappeared ruler who never returned to know

One day in December 1967, Harold Holt went to the beach Cheviot , in Point Nepean, located east of Port Phillip bay, near Portsea, with four others, including her neighbor Marjorie Gillespie. Even though the sea was restless and the surf was strong, Holt decided to dive and swim , ensuring that beach he knew like the back of his hand. After a while, his companions lost sight . Then, they went to a cliff from which better scrutinize the revolt surface of the water and tried to find him, but to no avail.

harold holt

Cheviot Beach –

it was an excellent swimmer, fishing, diving and a passion for water sports, but his health had suffered in the year of his disappearance Three divers came to his request for help, and soon after, police and search and rescue teams. An hour later, about 200 people were busy to find him , even with helicopters; members of the army, navy and coastguard. But there was no sign of Holt, so two days later, the government had no choice but to declare “presumed dead” their fifty-nine years , but the search continued for three weeks, and Deputy Prime Minister John McEwen became acting prime minister. Three days after the announcement, the funeral was held in Melbourne, attended by dignitaries like Lyndon Johnson, Charles of England or the British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, and many others, and was broadcast on television around the world.

Of course, common sense tells us that Holt drowned that day . He was an excellent swimmer, fishing, diving and water sports passionate, and on several occasions he had spoken publicly in speeches how important it was to have a good physical condition. But, as they say, the years do not go in vain, and health just to be precarious: in early 1967 had collapsed in Parliament itself by a vitamin deficiency, and only two months before had prescribed painkillers to endure the pain a shoulder injury; his doctor had advised him not to swim until he recovered thing that Holt had ignored completely.

harold holt

In Cheviot Beach, in memory of Harold Holt –

His disappearance has led to the conspiracy theorists put boots throwing wild theories And if this is not indicative enough, it turns out that almost drown too early that year during a dive at Portsea. But, although the cause of its demise seem so clear in the case of a prime minister, the fact is too juicy for those who tend to speculate wildly and some take for their own follies . Some of these unfounded assumptions were that he committed suicide because of despondency by his growing unpopularity resulting from its position on the Vietnam War; he had faked his death to escape with whom, indeed, was her lover, Marjorie Gillespie; he was a spy of the Chinese government and had been picked up by a submarine of the country; or href=”” CIA had finished him because he was considering withdrawing Australian troops from Vietnam or because he opposed the installation of US military bases in Australia. Some have stated that Holt was an alien representative on Earth and that a UFO took him when he swam that afternoon

But the best chance the others contributed. As those who say that Holt was an alien representative on Earth and that a UFO took him when he swam that afternoon. Or as former member of the Navy Gary Simmons, who says in the pile of cards that has been dedicated to send political figures from around the world that the Prime Minister was killed by personnel of the Australian government at home, one day before the beach episode, and that he himself was responsible for removing the body and throw it into the sea. What happens is that has not only been unable to prove anything of what he says, but also justifies his alleged actions referring to a “supreme law of the Universe” that removes the guilt.

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Bust of Harold Holt Victor Greenhalgh in Ballarat Botanical gardens –

in addition, to lend a hand in clearing up this mystery, the New Yorker journalist John Keel said that “elementary” had predicted the death of Holt calls Mothman prophecies, and a Hindu guru told, represented by a member of Parliament of India, who had a series of visions in which he had clearly seen where he was buried the body of the Prime Minister the seabed, presumably after his assassination; but, as expected, nothing was found according to your specifications Lawrence Newell, the police inspector who investigated the case said. “I think he went swimming in conditions in which it was very unwise, and that’s all “

Anyway, in support of wisdom and not the conspiranoia and straitjackets, in September 2005, state coroner Graeme Johnstone concluded, after studying all the documents on the case, which most likely Holt drowned that day on the beach of Cheviot and his body was dragged out to sea or even sharks a small feast with him diesen. Moreover, access to the Cheviot area had been restricted by the military, and there are numerous records, to centenarians, about its danger for boats and bathers. Lawrence Newell, the police inspector who investigated the disappearance at the time, summed it up well: “I think it was to swim under conditions in which it was very unwise,” he said, “and that’s all”


Apart from the political work of this opposed to socialism but advocate a more equitable distribution of economic resources man whom political historian James Jupp noted as a reformer of Victorian liberalism, which Australians left of it is the expression “do a Harold Holt,” which refers to when someone disappears suddenly and without explanation and is used primarily for absences in social gatherings, and various memorials, such as the screw plate the seabed Cheviot beach, which can be read as follows: “to the memory of Harold Holt, Prime Minister of Australia, who loved the sea and disappeared around the 17 December 1967”. And I never heard.


Australian Prime Minister who mysteriously disappeared and was never found
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April 10, 2016

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