Autodesk abandons its tools, middleware for games development

Will continue to give support to your engine, Stingray.

Autodesk, a company known for AutoCAD and modeling software animation and Maya, has announced that it will stop the support of his middleware for the development of video games, which affects Scaleform, Beast, HumanIK, Navigation, and FBX.

These tools made up the suite Autodesk Gameware. Scaleform is a rendering system interface with vector graphics; Beast of a system of lighting and effects; HumanIK is a system of animation of characters; Navigation focuses on equipping the characters ai to plot routes through the environments and move around; finally, FBX was a system of exchange of 3D data between different applications.

These tools used for the development of video games you may no longer buy or renew their maintenance licenses and associated plans, as has been reported by Autodesk. The company has committed to maintain existing contracts until the completion of the same, so the studies that are using these tools count with the technical support hired, but not be able to renew.

After this change, Autodesk will just continue giving support to Stingray, that is your engine full for the creation of video games and was released in 2015.

As explained by the company, most of the functions of the other tools are already integrated in the engines, including yours, so do not believe that it makes sense to continue dedicating them resources.

The company want to focus on augmented reality and virtual reality and other areas of business.

Autodesk abandons its tools, middleware for games development
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July 16, 2017

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