‘Avengers 4’ already has a synopsis: Marvel wants us to continue suffering

Avengers 4

I do Not feel good“, said a certain character in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (‘Avengers: Infinity War’), a moment so cruel and tragic that, of course, it has become one of the large memes of time on the Internet.

it Seems impossible to assimilate that final, the public does not stop to think that there is a trick, that it has not passed, regardless of what they say the film’s directors.

So, Marvel has decided to submit a synopsis official ‘Avengers 4’ (‘Avengers 4’) and put the finger on the sore spot. There are No spoilers, calm down. It is a synopsis very brief and basic, such as those teaser posters that teach only an “a”, but it already makes clear one thing: the fans are going to continue suffering the life of your favourite superheroes.

Avengers 4

ComicBookMovie has revealed the information, available at License Magazine, which is already ahead of the others means placing the “argument” of ‘Infinity War’. Are you ready? I know not, neither do I, but here goes:

“the Culmination of 22 films that are interconnected, the fourth installment of the saga “the Avengers” takes the audience to witness the crowning moment in this epic journey. Our dear heroes, you will understand truly how fragile this reality and the sacrifices they must make to keep it.”

That’s it. the “Completion”. “Sacrifices” (what ELSE?). ‘Avengers 4’ promises to follow the path of the ‘Infinity War’ and break it down a little more the hearts of Marvel fans (while we offer a tremendous spectacle popcorn maker). A few times I have experienced what was experienced in the movie theater at the premiere of ‘Infinity War’: applause, screams, reactions, drowned to death, that silence at the end… it Was like getting together with many friends to enjoy a crucial game, conceding a goal fool on the discount and stay with the taste of a bitter defeat.

there Will be a rematch, of course. Just have to wait A YEAR. Still no official title, ‘Avengers 4’ is scheduled to premiere on the may 3, 2019. To animate a little bit the atmosphere, I will leave two fun photos from the shoot of the highly anticipated fourth installment:

Avengers 4

Avengers 4

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‘Avengers 4’ already has a synopsis: Marvel wants us to continue suffering
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May 23, 2018

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