‘Avengers: Endgame’ and the deleted scenes: Kevin’s Present speaks of moments of traumatic and humiliating

'Avengers: Endgame' and the deleted scenes: Kevin's Present speaks of moments of traumatic and humiliating

Although ‘Infinity War’ be one of the experiences the darkest and most breathtaking of the Movie Universe of Marvel to date, there is no doubt that the closure of the diptych superheróico of the brothers Russo with ‘Endgame’ left us with some of the regions most traumatic of the Saga of the Infinite the fans continue to mourn to this day. 

But the one that finally came to our screens it seems to be only one-thousandth part of the evil baba that the directors and the producer Kevin Present had thought to inject into his work. Because, according to have been told by the leader of the UCM in an interview for Empireto, among other things, came to play with the idea of disturbing the respectable using the decapitated head of Captain America in an alternate future very much at risk…

“One of the ideas was that, once they finish the theft in time, return to a world in 2023 that Thanos has already conquered, and included a throne made of bones and skulls, and Thanos throwing like a bowling the decapitated head of Captain America, even with the hood set, Captain America. Was very cool, but the logic to get there we beat. Thanos is not just a guy in purple with the large mandibular sitting in chairs and smiling with superiority, which is basically what I had been doing up to ‘Infinity War’. I want that some day, the conference room of Pinewood in which we spend a large part of the time has a plaque: ‘Here was where nine people almost lost the head developing and typing ‘Infinity War’ and ‘Endgame’. Would opening the book and saying: ‘we Needed to do this. We needed something as well. Thanos can do it. This led us to things seen in Wisdom as in ‘Infinty War’, when converted to Drax in cubes, to Nebula in a spiral or makes bubbles come out of the gun Star-Lord. Use sadist of the stones was something that we always wanted to keep doing.”

I Doubt very much that we get to see even the concept-art of the sequence in question, but with the arrival potential of a boxset with the 22 films of the Saga of the Infinite -23 if we have ‘Spider-Man: Far from home’— yes we could have access to a good handful of exclusive material that include deleted scenes, according to Kevin Present, would be “very humiliating to display.” 

“If we do a boxset big, giant, the Saga of the Infinite, could include. I assume that if you’re going to spend money on buying a box-set with everything included, you are a fan, and it would take more than a couple of scenes very, very bad for reconvertirte… I like to share those scenes. And when we have something, we like it, and that is not easy to cut but it has been done because it is the best decision for the film, it is great to say: ‘we will’. It is not that no one wants to see him again. There are things that we thought that no one would ever, and we have been talking about that we can now start to show some of the moments that we are least proud.”

I don’t know about you, but the idea of a collector’s edition that covers from ‘Iron Man’ to ‘Endgame’ loaded with extras, previously unpublished material, and some other documentary seems to me as logical as appetizing. And if you allow us to take a look at the discards made by the creative team marvelita, even to the most uploaded tone, the better.

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‘Avengers: Endgame’ and the deleted scenes: Kevin’s Present speaks of moments of traumatic and humiliating
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