Back to basics: the evolution of DOOM

Back to basics: the evolution of DOOM

the new DOOM hits stores worldwide. How it has changed the most influential franchise created from nothing FPS games?

At this point in the film abound presentations. DOOM is the father of all modern shooters, the germ of the FPS that has been with us almost since video games have been games . The work of id Software, the hand of his other PIs, has diametrically revolutionized every generation, giving a fresh and dynamic touch that has served to influence the industry to a level that very few, counted with one hand, they have been able to do with each iteration.

Video games, especially FPS not today be the same without DOOM without id Software. While with every little jump enriched the middle . If Mario was the conceptualization of 2D games and platforms, DOOM was of the FPS. Surely no conception of Carmack, its creator, IPs multimillion as Halo, Call of Duty or Battlefield would not exist, and if so, would be very different from what we consider an FPS.

no DOOM, games like Halo, Call of Duty or Battlefield would not exist or would be very different

And not only has been the influence of big titles. It was the influence of an entire generation of level designers, programmers and game creators who were born, they grew up and created inspired in one way or another, so demons Carmack and his team, the germ of a dynasty of gaming today, with the release of DOOM (2016) again to rethink concepts for industry but, paradoxically, shows that the change in the game was not. In the end, we keep you fighting the same demons of 1993, but of course, those demons have changed in the middle, and by the way, the player.

DOOM (2016) presents itself as the update everything worked 23 years ago, bringing the average road traveled and all this while, drinking from all influences that marked in other games their previous titles. Today DOOM is the best example of that, for a long time has passed, the essence of Carmack and his team in the game, is eternal.

DOOM (1993)

 Doom I

DOOM was the first. The germ of what would later and that would change everything. And that his proposal was quite simple: the player is placed on the feet of a Marine without name withheld on Mars for assaulting a senior officer, place in which is worked the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC), a conglomerate scientific and military carried out secret experiments on interdimensional travel.

A very simple approach but that forever changed the game

one of his research something goes wrong and infernal creatures are Deimos and Phobos teleported, so they send a military detachment to investigate the incident. Hence the chaos. As a curious note, this background the game were only available in the manual itself game, and all that in-game history had were part of what was happening at that time in phases . inter-levels

the mechanics were incredibly simple but were the basis for what came next: in fact, the only goal of each level was simply locate the exit leading to the next area , putting obstacles in the way, like closed doors, enemies, traps … a sort of maze game that forever changed the video game industry.

Doom 2 (1994)

 doom II

the true sequel to the original DOOM and at this point, the only. This time the player returns to Earth to realize that also has been invaded by hell, all the world’s cities have been destroyed and are seeking ways to evacuate the planet, but the spaceport has been taken over by demons, so you know it touches.

the game was not very different from the first DOOM , in fact, technological changes of the time were very few significant, and there was no graphic jump large enough to dazzle the player. Again, the level system was not linear (oops, there was even less pasilleo that much modern games, wink wink), and exploration in search of keys was a constant.

The interesting thing is that the game was running: the player was moving in the same without rebooting the character at each level, which allowed keep all keys weapons and armor when advancing through the different levels of the game . In addition, new enemies as Chaingunner, Hell Knight, Mancubus, Revenant, Arachnotron, Pain Elemental, Arch-Vile and a new final boss. And of course, the introduction of these new enemies changed the way they play, forcing the player to adapt to new enemies on screen.

DOOM 64 (1997)

 doom 64

This was one of many high-level titles that made the Nintendo 64 console in a reference before the Wii and before the drought of Nintendo. Despite being listed within the franchise, DOOM 64 came to the market as a spin-off sequel. However, although it was in cooperation with id Software, the game threw developer / publisher Midway, which incidentally were also responsible post of DOOM to SNES.

the project for Nintendo 64 was the most ambitious of all. Everything had started from scratch, especially the creation of new textures, sprites redrawn with a different artistic style and, most importantly, a complete redesign levels , proposed by the company as a time-and then conclusion- of the events of DOOM, DOOM II, and Final Doom.

in this way, the game focused on the post-event history Original DOOM developed, in which an evil entity has survived and brought back some creatures from hell. He repeated mechanical, but new levels and the redesign of artistic style learned a touch of fresh air to the franchise

DOOM 3 (2004)

 doom 3

the change in saga that disappointed many, but rethought many of the mechanics of DOOM. It was still a FPS, but changed the crazy and frantic pace of the classic games on the terror and dark and oppressive atmosphere. Yes, there were demons, but the truth is that it was not the same.

Developed by id Software and published by Activision, replanteaba part of the concept of the original franchise putting ourselves in a Marine UAC in 2145. Yes, again remained Mars, but the new engine, history and graphics made him more in a reboot in a continuation of the original franchise. Not bad game, and in fact, like their predecessors, he influenced many of the titles of the seventh generation.

It was different and its opaque and oppressive atmosphere made its mechanical should focus on the game slow and methodical, as opposed to the classic run and gun, but was widely criticized for its mode simplistic gameplay and countless clichés waiting at every corner of Mars.

yes It had its own film adaptation that apparently seen, was not quite as bad as expected (and the credits were great).

DOOM (2016)

doom 2016

And we start. Again. This time id and Bethesda promise the best DOOM history back to the foundation of the original. Have they succeeded?


Back to basics: the evolution of DOOM
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May 13, 2016

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