Back to the stock messaging app for Android, forget Hangouts


Hangouts Applying base comes installed on Android 4.4 and you can download from the PlayStation Store. One of its new features star was the integration with messages, so the need for two different applications disappeared.

iniciéis When applying for the first time ask if you Hangouts want to use SMS or not. If you accept import the list of posts and if Marçais “maybe later” this functionality does not apply.

If by chance you wish to return to what it was before, from the Settings panel you can make and uncheck “Enable SMS”. In the event that you have the new Nexus5 is same option appears in the menu of “connections and wireless networks” where you can select which application you want, whether old or Hangouts stock message app.


For those who prefer not to have to rely on Google services, or those with a Nexus5 who want the messages back, we bring you the. apk stock messaging application for KitKat 4.4.

Get the AOSP messages. Apk ( mirror )

application retains the same style as the previous one, and is compatible with earlier versions of Android. Both SMS and MMS work perfectly. Thanks to the developers of the open source world of Android for bringing in such a short period of time all the basic applications.

On the other hand if the stock is too limited application I also recommend trying 8sms , another messaging app from AOSP based emoticons including a dark theme quite clean and gesture control.

Application on Google Play

Two other interesting applications are Handcent SMS or Sliding Messasing Pro, the latter payment being.

Application in Google Play

Options exist and even Google wants that we use Hangouts, Android is still free to use the methods that we like.

Update: We’ve added a mirror because some users reportábais problems. apk. We also added two additional options when returning to the old sms.

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Back to the stock messaging app for Android, forget Hangouts
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