Backup of Android takes months to not work on many devices

The backup of Android takes months to not work on many devices

it Is highly recommended to take enabled backup of Android to be able to recover much of our data in case we need to change the mobile or having to restart the computer from the factory. So recover messages, contacts, call history, photos, videos, and applications.

When we launched mobile, its configuration wizard, we can enable backup in Google Drive, a feature that makes an automatic backup several times a day, but from months ago has not run in many devices.

there Are many users who in recent months have reported that the backup in Google Drive has stopped working. Is disabled the option “Create a backup now” and in all this time Google has not been able to solve this problem. No matter the brand of your mobile, it can affect any model.

The bug is only affecting devices with Android-9 and Android 10, and the possible reason of the problem appears to be that encryption which is active by default when you set up a screen lock method (PIN, Pattern, or password), and it is that when you remove the lock screen, the backup seems to work again normally.

How to know if my mobile is affected

in order To know if our device is affected with this problem so we just have to go to Settings > Google > Make a backup or Settings > System > Backup and check if you let us create a backup now.

If not let us create a backup manually, and in data applications put that is waiting for backup, then the backup is not working in our mobile.

Possible workarounds

Backup Broken

The first possible solution is exactly that, temporarily disable the lock screen (Settings > location & Security > screen Lock) to be able to make a backup. There are users that have to reboot the device and/or erase data from Google Drive to be able to make a backup.

This solution is temporary, since if we want to have protected our mobile we will have to re-enable the lock screen, and when you do this the backup is disabled again, it stops working.

In XDA-Developers seem to have found a better solution that would work long term, but this requires to connect the mobile to the computer and use commands in ADB to run a couple of commands. We hope that Google is not late to correct this major failure.

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Backup of Android takes months to not work on many devices
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