‘Bad Boys for Life’: an entertaining sequel that should close the saga of ‘Two policemen rebels’

'Bad Boys for Life': an entertaining sequel that should close the saga of 'Two policemen rebels'

What sense had to make a third installment of the saga ‘Two policemen rebels’ 17 years after the previous one without Michael Bay behind the scenes beyond to try to exploit the possible nostalgia to get a film profitable without complicated most of the account? On paper, ‘Bad Boys for Life’ seemed destined to be one of those continuations late empty attractive in the line of the unfortunate ‘xXx: Reactivated’, but has not been as well.

I can Not say that it is a great action movie, but if you notice that during the greater part of his footage and vista and yes it fits very well both what it tells us as the way to make it. In the end, his best years have long ago left behind and even start to be seen as a kind of dinosaurs within the police force, not to speak of the wishes of Marcus to retire.

from that idea he builds an effective pastime that should be the closure of the trilogy.

A threat more personal

Image Bad Boys For Life

there Comes a point at which to raise the level of threat within a franchise of action it is almost impossible, so normally it takes hold of a danger more personal, whether by a link with the protagonist or by the relationship of the new villain with a previous one. In the case of ‘Bad Boys for Life’ is a bet for the first one, but take it easy and reveal it, making the entity of the enemy to beat go by going to more progressively.

it Is true that at first it looks like another case of revenge monotonous in which the most striking are the methods of the killer played by Jacob Scipio, putting off the concrete reason behind their acts to parallel to leave showing the new reality of the two policemen rebels. With Will Smith clinging to their glory days, and a Martin Lawrence closest to being a much-loved retired than anything else, ‘Bad Boys for Life’ outlines a logical progression in his professional career.

‘Two policemen rebels’ we had two agents with her own method to solving a case to go to more on a sequel to his way, represented the zenith of the two, and of the own franchise. And is that Michael Bay gave everything in it to offer a show that is hard to forget. But everything that rises low and here we do not have with Bay behind the camera -I was too busy trying to outdo itself in ‘6 in the shadow’, although their presence itself that is left to notice-, so that the level of performance also decreases.

A show compliant

Scene in Bad Boys For Life

In its place we have the filmmakers belgian Adil The Arbite and Bilall Fallah in his first big job in Hollywood. His style is more reminiscent of the Bay for the first delivery, leaving perhaps even below the in the ability to equip frenzy visual to the movie, but is that the story itself demanded a focus a bit more relaxed, in that the humor has a notable presence during the greater part of the footage and works better than some action scenes are functional but with little personality. Eye, the “adjusted” budget of 90 million -the second one cost 130 million and 2003, not 2020 – may also have something to do.

I am Not sure that is a conscious choice to go in line with the current status of Mike and Marcus, but seeing them as such it makes sense not to opt for the more difficult still by a lot of that can subtract from visual appeal to function. This is compensated in part on its fiery end, but even there we can find something comparable to what Bay could have done with this material.

Bad Boys For Life-Scene

In fact, ‘Bad Boys for Life’ reminds us of both so anachronistic that it is the way of acting of Mike and Marcus, even when their instinct leads them to hit on the decision to be taken but then the execution is somewhat disappointing. And those tensions between their methods and the most technologically advanced of the police are sympathetic, helping in addition to to see an evolution in the attitude of the characters, especially Mike.

Yes you will notice some ups and downs in the script -to know the people that stuck his hand in him, even though he only appear accredited three people, including a Joe Carnahan, which in its time was also going to deal with the-direction, but also a constant that serves to make the film you never lose and go mixing the past with the new to give you what you want the audience of the saga without denying the entry to the newcomer.

My only but is that it embraces total and absolute the possibility of be a definitive closure to the saga.

As such it works very well, but as an intermediate stage the thing already weakened, both by the fact that in a fourth installment already don’t really have anything to tell, and because you see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence back in action as it would be totally anachronistic. It did not take much to let it be, but Hollywood is reluctant to close down their franchises.

In summary

‘Bad Boys for Life’ is a good entertainment that feels like a logical extension of the franchise but that would also have to be your last stage. As big show is note that have not wanted to spend too much money, but still entertaining, in large part by the generous amount of humor used. I was not sure that I want to return to see these two cops and rebels, but the film has shown me that if.

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‘Bad Boys for Life’: an entertaining sequel that should close the saga of ‘Two policemen rebels’
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January 15, 2020

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