‘Bake Off Spain’ has been lost with the recipe: closest to a ‘MasterChef’ of desserts that the original program

'Bake Off Spain' has been lost with the recipe: closest to a 'MasterChef' of desserts that the original program

Says Jesus Vazquez in a moment the inaugural program of ‘Bake off’ something like “hands up no, this is not ‘MasterChef‘”. It was a good attempt by the presenter off-road Mediaset to hide the fact that, at the time of making the Spanish version of the famous dessert contest uk, have been inspired too in “the summit” of the talent show culinary.

And I am not referring to the usual format of three tests that will determine, in the end, an expelled since it is the common schema for this type of program. But because in ‘Bake Off Spain’ there is a constant feeling of being watching a ‘MasterChef’ specialized in desserts because of how it has raised the program.

This, on the whole, if we compare it with ‘The Great British Bake Off‘ the original program and a native of the BBC (and who has recently been moved to Channel 4) that became an blink of an eye in one of those programs that paralyze a whole country.

In this talent show, Four of which premiered last night bringing together a little over a million viewers and an impressive 8% of screen quota (datazo for the string), Jesús Vázquez is the master of ceremonies at a program in the twelve contestants compete to be the best pastry chef and amateur.

And make it through three tests: the first is an “author”, to see how they operate and what would make it to a few friends/family; the second is the technical test, with a blind tasting; while the third is the test, “WOW”, a more creative in the that they should make a cake with the guidelines set, but to the taste of the pastry.

The contestants are judged by the renowned pastry Betina Montagne, Dani Alvarez and Miquel Guarro (yes, indeed, a host and three judges). And the contestant who has a worse note between the three tests will be ejected, while the best will be the blue apron.

If you like the format of the british, the Spanish version is too shocking. Yes, the structure is there, but the original version has a certain tranquility and even sobriety in the presentation without forget the comic relief provided by the presenters: (Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc in its early stages), which is ignored by Mediaset.

But let us compare with ‘The Great British Bake Off’ for the program of Four pass to speak for itself. Even forget that we come up with something less than two hours of program (if we remove the incessant advertising) and the problem that comes with a program runs out at about one in the morning.

I’ll start with the casting, which is basic in all talent. In ‘The great pastry chef. Bake Off’ (as stated in the logo, but all the time there is talk of ‘Bake Off Spain’) the contestants seem to be more taken out of waste ‘s’ Nailed It!‘ (too bad) that a selection process to locate the best bakers.

Bake Off Group 1

The level of the contestants is generally mediocre, with some notable exceptions (both good and disastrously bad). And that’s without getting the inclusion of the geeks turn to give it the touch tróspido that is always looking for… or the “drama” that is always good.

Add to this that the judges are hard and there is a bit of wanting to be “the malotes” shift and wanting to give themselves more prominence than they should be. In addition to a Jesús Vázquez that brings nothing (and we complain about Eva González) and only serves to stress out the format and make stories rándom.

generally the feeling is that ‘Bake Off’ has been lost in the translation. There is this topic of taking things seriously, but of very good cheer and humor (oh, surprise) works quite pleasantly and difference to the format. A shame, because we could have enjoyed a talent different in prime time, but we have more of the same… just that more sweet.


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‘Bake Off Spain’ has been lost with the recipe: closest to a ‘MasterChef’ of desserts that the original program
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March 7, 2019