‘Ballers’ Dwayne Johnson wasted by insufficient correction betting

many years I feel sympathy Dwayne Johnson because ago, the member of 'Pressing Catch' that most successful to ma...

‘Ballers’ Dwayne Johnson wasted by insufficient correction betting

many years I feel sympathy Dwayne Johnson because ago, the member of ‘Pressing Catch’ that most successful to make the leap to the big screen. In fact, it has even been one of the ten highest paid Hollywood actors over the last year, which makes sense when you consider that it is also one the highest grossing. So I was surprised he wanted to try his luck leading the cast of a TV series for HBO and I have followed with interest the project from the chain le signaled permanently.

Released last June 21 with some success -2.16 million viewers watched the first episode, just 60,000 less than the beginning of ‘Game of Thrones ‘-‘ Ballers’ is a sports drama in which the real interest lies in its main characters and how they interrelate. As expected, Johnson is the star of the show, but ‘Ballers’ has chosen a coral tone that helps disguise the limitations of each story, but also has prevented you really connect with that account screen.

Correcting ‘Ballers’

‘Ballers’ Dwayne Johnson wasted by insufficient correction betting

‘Ballers’ want to be, within limits, an approach Overall the different states through which you can pass a NFL player. We have the young newcomer who has escaped the thing of hand, the veteran who can play well but with problems off the pitch, the team player who had to retire and is trying to rebuild her life away from football and finally an old star who now makes a living as best they can exercise as agent.

The first two episodes have been jumping from one to another with special emphasis on the last three-at first gives me will be from now when you win weight in the plot really having come to terms with Johnson’s character and even have created a bond between them that helps to jump from one to the other may never be random, in turn creating secondary characters with some substance I am thinking particularly in played by Rob Corddry and Dulé Hill- for everyone to go find its place separately.

The problem is that the whole is never shine and even gives the impression that Johnson takes a little brake either need-not story is a winner, something that reminds us in several sometimes through their personal-economic problems for not eating their fellow scene, because I am aware of the enormous charisma he has and also the fact that a disruption character lent itself to it. Yes I appreciate his dramatic effort, but what could be left in a great “because it is right, what?”. Just the same happens to the series.

No hope for change

‘Ballers’ Dwayne Johnson wasted by insufficient correction betting

The point is that in ‘Ballers’ gives the impression that everything keeps tone too uniform. He will have to see this as a strength to some extent I can not argue, but what has given me the series so far is that this is what there is and there will be a real evolution in terms of quality -that obvious that History will progress and I must also grant that is unlikely to resort to any trick or spin Trickster script. It is what it is and as such meets, but with a number it takes more than that to commit to spending no little time to it.

The other problem facing It is that both the visual -the staging work is good, but look for the series betting know too seen, and, above all, in the narrative, like a coming series of the past. The risk is neglected on all fronts in favor of a sobriety that Steve Levinson, its creator, trust sufficient to dazzle the audience. Maybe that works with really passionate about the sport or the very masculine stories, but for the rest there may even be annoying details that algunas people have already pointed out.

In short, ‘Ballers’ is a correct series that does nothing really wrong, but also wasted all the weapons at his disposal for the benefit of a standard that It makes me have no confidence in further development. I repeat that’s far from bad, but there are so many series in issue and being a niche to which I belong, I think I will not be staying with this, what about you?

Tele Go! | ‘Ballers’, trailer for the HBO series with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

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