Banks commemorating the dead

Sometimes, public banks are used to honor a memory of dead people. Let’s meet some of them.

It is said that people live as long as someone to remember them. Some actively seeks that this is so trying to leave traces of their passage through the world, memorable works that endure, or simply fail without trying. But other than want is lasting memories of their loved ones or who consider notable characters , and not limited to guarantee a place his remains in the corresponding cemetery, but they do to be placed A memorial plaque on a bench in your area, the memorial benches or memorial seats , so that anyone who rest in it knows at least that there was a person with such a name, such as Neruda , would confess that he had lived.

However, it is also common for these banks engaged in these works worthy citizens of memory or venerated by some. In addition, no municipal services that accept and review applications for the placement of a plaque in these public banks, and companies engaged in the development of these memorials which is also installed in private gardens and are usually wood, but also stone, metal or synthetic materials. Usually, in the Anglo-Saxon, with examples like the following:

The memorial to Robert Aske

Memorial of Robert Aske – Wikipedia

In the English village of Swainby, belonging to the county of North Yorkshire, a bank that remembers to this lawyer, who led a rebellion against the religious reforms is Henry VIII of England. He was captured, imprisoned in the Tower of London, found guilty of high treason in Westminster and hanged in July 1537.

The memorial to John Brown

John Brown Memorial – Wikipedia

The former royal residence Osborne House, located on the Isle of Wight, has a stone bench recalls this servant of Queen Victoria of England, with a fragment of The two Foscari , Lord Byron: “A truer, nobler, truster heart, / more loving, or more loyal, never beat / Within a human breast”. Today is continued speculating about the relationship he had with the Queen, perhaps lovers, why his death in 1883 affected both the monarch as the bygone her husband, Albert.

The Andrew Haswell Green memorial

Memorial of Andrew Haswell Green –

Located in Central Park of New York a bank with a plaque for this man who could not be more deserved even its location is: a Green is considered the Father of Greater New York , as planned own Central Park, the Public Library, the Bronx Zoo, the Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He died in November 1903

The memorial Jane Deans

Banks commemorating the dead

Memorial Jean Deans – Wikipedia

At the top of Bridle Path, a path that connects the volcano Lyttelton, Christchurch City and the port of the South Island of New Zealand, there is a bank that evokes this pioneer, founding mother and community leader , who died in January 1911.

The memorial to Cecil Frank Powell

Memorial C. F. Powell – Wikipedia

The foothills of the Italian Alps are a curious place for a bank that recalls this Nobel Prize in Physics , which was granted for the development of a photographic method of studying nuclear processes and the discovery of the subatomic particle pion. He died in August 1969 near where he later placed a memorial for the same reason.

The memorial of Lionel Bart

Memorial of Lionel Bart –

In the Kew Gardens in London can find the bank dedicated to this composer of pop music and music as famous as Oliver! (1960), based on the novel Oliver Twist , by Charles Dickens. He died of cancer in 1999.

The memorial to Ian Dury

Ian Dury Memorial

In Richmond Park , southwest of London, a bank refers to the composer and singer of rock and roll , leader of the band Ian Dury and the Blockheads and Kilburn and the High Roads and UNICEF ambassador, who died of cancer in March 2000.

The memorial of Kirsty MacColl

Memorial Kirsty MacColl –

Soho Square, also in London, is the venue for the bank this singer of The Smiths and The Pogues, songwriter and political activist . He died in December 2000 after being hit by a boat in Mexico.

The memorial to John Thaw

Memorial of John Thaw –

In the gardens of the Church of St. Paul, in the charming London’s Covent Garden, this British actor is a bank that remembers him. He is known for his work on the television series Inspector Morse . He died in 2002.

The memorial to Walter Lord

Memorial of Walter Lord – Wikipedia

Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, a bank recalls in this Writer , noted for nonfiction as A Night to Remember (1955) on the sinking of the Titanic href=”” , and Day of Infamy (1957) on the Japanese bombing of the US base at Pearl Harbor during the Second href=”” World War. In that bank they have recorded the titles of his books. Lord died in 2002.

Banks commemorating the dead
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