Beat Hazard Ultra, use your music to fill your ship shooting

It seems very difficult to innovate in a genre with many years their backs like space shooters. Classics like R-Type and Gradius all showed what he was capable of this style of game 20 years ago. Everything? There is still a small rebellion of developers who do not believe the same, and continue working on these games even though his popularity is not the same as before.

A single look at Beat Hazard Ultra tells us that this is not a shooter more. From a top-down perspective we control our little spaceship, while dodged thousands of shots from all kinds of enemies. The neon colors are the stars against the predominantly black backgrounds. But the graphs only tell half the story.

Because music is the main protagonist of the game, especially your music. The game will scan your collection of songs including, and use them to generate unique levels for each subject. Thus all the elements of the game depend on the pace and style of the song , from the enemies to the cadence of the shots. Destroy enough enemies and the music volume will increase, which in turn will increase the power of your shots until the final climax. This is a virtually endless game and always surprise us.

Developing Beat Hazard Ultra is not over, but its developers have decided to release a free beta for anyone who wants to try the game. There are certain limitations, most of them songs that will last only halfway. In any case it is an experience recommended, but yes, remember to fill your phone of your favorite songs before testing.

Beat Hazard Ultra Beta official website.

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Beat Hazard Ultra, use your music to fill your ship shooting
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November 13, 2012

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