Beauty in the planes of Breaking Bad, also in Better Call Saul

Beauty in the planes of Breaking Bad, too on Better Call Saul

The planes of Breaking Bad have marked the narrative pace which for many has been one of the best series in history, which has also inherited Better Call Saul.

and almost year and a half ago the closure of Breaking Bad , a series that ended up gaining many adherents, and even some people considered as one of the best in the history of television. The arrival of Better Call Saul was in the crosshairs of those fans waiting to get some more of that universe created by Vince Gilligan .

Although to date there are only two chapters cast of this spin-off, the truth is that you can already discuss that at least does not disappoint. In addition to aspects of history, where we see Saul Goodman personality and reputation that subsequently will lead you to a Walter White is forged, are also present other factors that help to relate the two works.

The quality shown in Better Call Saul expected
The quality shown in Better Call Saul expected. The composer (Dave Porter), the team of directors, writers, and even some cast members, were repeated in this new project. But fear has always been there . We could not wait a second Breaking Bad, but a series that does not denigrase the universe that had previously been created.

Better Call Saul met, and much of the blame also has your photography . The charge of this, Michael Slovis , has managed to transfer the beauty in the planes of Breaking Bad’s recent draft Vince Gilligan. The result is not only a series aesthetically similar to its predecessor, has also inherited narrative speech with the image.

The frame in the planes of Breaking Bad was chosen not only because it proves more attractive, but had also a narrative load pretty deep. A detail shot of an object or a look can be even more relevant than several pages of script.

Therefore, we will try to collect those features that have transformed series Walter White in a single product, and see how Better Call Saul also thrives on them. Yes, maybe some of the images shown have some spoiler , so it is recommended that you be current with both series before reading.

Flat details

Start Saul Goodman series with a scene where planes details about confectioners “cooking” are interspersed with the rhythm of the music, is a clear those times when Walter also cooked reminiscence, but to create methamphetamine .

closed frames have played a very important role in the above product Gilligan. History has created some icons on the basis of which it developed, such as castor or Roomba Jessie. The planes of nearby objects have also been a resource for a dynamic assembly, which last series also seems to fulfill.

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February 16, 2015

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