Berlanti superheroes: reasonable similarities of ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’


Last May, Variety published an article about Greg Berlanti and six series it has in production for this season, four of them, superhero titles. Enter ‘Arrow‘, ‘ The Flash’, ‘Supergirl “and” Legends of tomorrow ‘(which will not be until midseason The CW), the producer Shonda Rhimes level in terms of number of series on the air, only after the success of The Adventures of Oliver Queen, seems to have specialized in comiqueras adaptations.

With the recent release of ‘Supergirl‘ CBS has not only become clear that, for now, the “factory Berlanti” superhero attracts the public, but all series share several characteristics that make them easily recognizable to viewers. Some are obvious (those green illuminations) and others less so; these are reasonable similarities between ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’.

A hero does not work alone

It is true that, when Oliver Queen returned to (still) Stirling City after five years in that island, he decided to act as masked vigilante and do it alone. However, almost immediately he took John Diggle as an assistant and, shortly thereafter, came as a technology expert Felicity Smoak. Since then, all Berlanti superhero series revolved around a computer . The protagonist does not act alone, however much he tried Oliver at the time. The Team Arrow, boys STAR Labs and DEO (and James Olsen and Winn Schott) in ‘Supergirl’ reinforce the idea that the hero needs help to be more effective.

Identities are not secret


In each series, Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and the rest of his colleagues have been applying things they learned in the previous one. When and how many people know the secret identity of their superhero is one of them. The people closest to them end sabiendo secret because, really, just being foolish who do not know. Some characters do not know that Oliver’s Arrow until the third season; in ‘The Flash’, Barry is revealed to some person at the end of the first, and Kara Zor-El makes half of the pilot. Avoided, so be turning always the same.

Have powers is fun

This point applies only to Barry and Kara, as Oliver has no superpowers. He has trained, has been prepared and has established himself as Green Arrow, and that responsibility is not cause for fun for him. Flash and Supergirl, however, be the fastest man of the world and fly are not curses, but gifts we have to take advantage . To do good, yes, but also they provide them great satisfaction. Barry and Kara enjoy their powers. This is a remarkable change in the current trend to present them as a sentence.

Family Ties

Alex Kara

Vanity Fair does little published an article stating that ‘The Flash’ was one of the best family dramas of the moment. It may be a little overstatement, but what is certain is that family of the players is very important in all three series . Oliver embarks on his mission to save his city by his father directly, while the parent-child relationship between Barry and Joe is integrated in the frames of ‘The Flash’, just as the dynamic between Laurel and her father is important in ‘Arrow’.

‘Supergirl’, meanwhile, it seems that the dynamic between Alex and his sister Kara will be almost the center around which will turn many of the stories series. And here also goes into detail that few villains are not relatives of the heroes , or very close to that occupy roles. Moira Queen in association with Malcolm at the beginning of ‘Arrow’, Harrison Wells, Astra Zor-El … The proximity of all Oliver, Barry and Kara makes the confrontation with them is much emotionally charged.

Nerds power

Hands up who does not see ‘Supergirl’ and thought immediately that Kara and Barry quickly congeniarían . Both are a little nerds , tend to gibber when they meet someone they like and throw without thinking of the consequences to help their friends and family if they are in danger. Oliver them and also have friends who help them in their superhero activities that are, in turn, a little “nerds”. Cisco, Felicity, Winn … This figure is already a classic.

“My name is …”


There are also points of contact between the three series that are purely formal. For example, all there is always a fight in an empty warehouse , often lit by certain greenish tones, and the usual audience of ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ certainly can recite their introductions with “My name is Oliver Queen” and “My name is Barry Allen and’m the fastest man alive.” The pilot of ‘Supergirl’ also started with a ‘My name is Kara Zor-El. ” Oh, and the costumes of the three superheroes the ha designed Colleen Atwood, who is credited with three Oscars.

What if there were superheroes?

Greg Berlanti said in interviews that he and his team They are facing each series of superheroes trying to answer a question: how they would be if the protagonist did not have superpowers, or were not a righteous could be family drama about adopted children who lost their family very soon, comedies? romance about a girl who tries to carve his way in the big city, dramas about men who want to leave the past behind and fix everything that his family did wrong, etc.

Also interestingly, the three heroes who are or were not lucky in his previous transfers to the screen, or stayed with a picture a bit outdated. Green Arrow participated in a few episodes of ‘ Smallville ‘ (well remembered by fans, as well), for example, while Flash had his own, and soon, series on CBS in 1990 and Supergirl a not too successful film in 1984. Now they have renewed to a new generation.

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Berlanti superheroes: reasonable similarities of ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’
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November 5, 2015

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