Berto Romero: “. We have already voted and they have to be understood if not easy, it’s your problem”


 Berto Romero

over the years, and Berto Romero have been consolidated as a good avenue television partner. They are well known, immerse themselves professionally and have become friends beyond the screen. Now, the two comedians to a new stage face challenges like the recently released program Late Motiv or movie El pregón , comedy in which play two brothers who formed a successful group in the 90s and who, many years after retiring, go to his people to give the opening speech for the holidays.

Berto Romero, who lately is fond to movies, has 20minutes how is your relationship with Buenafuente after so much time working together.

the opening speech play two brothers, but the fact is that in real life their relationship also seems almost fraternal.
There a friendship very good, very healthy, who has overcome several phases of possible break up, because I started working with him being his collaborator and was a chief border – employee who in the end we crossed. I think we both consider two related comedians who make a good couple together. And then we are good friends personally. In fact, we live nearby and often call us to be and children to play together and that sort of thing. It is a very natural relationship.

Still, I imagine their relationship in the film has been different than they have on TV.
Yes, because of the same so there is a very familiar relationship between us, we are professionally very scrupulous. I can not mix friendship and work in a comprehensive manner. When we work, we work, and the film had to be done with the feet on the ground and knowing that we would work for film, which is different from TV, radio and everything we have done. Not worth anything we learned we had, because here you work fragmented and you do not control the tempo and the pace of things, because it will then mount another guy …

what was his way of coping work then?
Here we had to focus on composing two characters to convey the illusion that, whether the Berto Andreu and may be other types which in Here are John and Richi- which have another vicissitude. That it was challenging enough. What there is of us on that? Well obviously you perceive that between the two there is a familiarity, which are like brothers and who want in the background while squabbling, and that there has been to fake. You can pretend, but in this case it is true.

Have you ever been given a proclamation?
Yes, in my village in Cardona, because I was forced, because I refused for many years and finally I said, “or you give it this year or we leave not enter.”

and after doing so, has not left wanting to another?
no, I do not like to give opening speeches, I get very nervous. I think you just give them in places where you live, where you have something you touch the potato. If no potato, I think no cry. That of “I hired a people who do not know” and get, you learn four things the people and do four jokes, it is not me.

Is there any particular inspiration for Super Galactic?
For the musical group, inspiration is all the time. All groups were a bit like, very flighty, very naive, very easygoing. In the 90s, artists were less cynical, now everything is very cynical, everything is thought out and very pre-produced. At that time, the artist was as it was and expressed as wanted … and to death with it. And this is Super Galactic. Aesthetically, the proposal, music … has become quite as it was at the time. That would have worked a lot.

And some inspiration for the character?
I have not noticed anyone in particular but in a kind of person you you find sometimes that it has been anchored at a moment of his life and has decided that this is their paradise and hence does not move or God. There for whom is the time in which he triumphed and there for who is, for example, adolescence, which does not want to go out and want to party all night.

Have you had you that feeling of staying anchored sometime?
No. Thank God I have a great ability to adapt to changes and will evolve. I like being in the moment I am and not who I was, but it does give me a little afraid I could ever happen to me.

Have you ever had a band ?
Yes. We’d progressive rock versions of Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons. It was such a thing as too brainy.

Never thought back to it, right?
(Laughter) No, no, no. No one who saw me and love me again I would say that. It was very amateur. Was among friends, I was very young and the experience lasted a year or two and that’s it.

Your character is a little obsessed with social networking, how is your relationship with the networks now same?
I’m a little like everyone who took a few years in this, that we have passed from enthusiasm to a certain disenchantment, and at the end and place them in perspective. Social networks are neither black pit of hatred and noise you can think of at the moment and are happy Arcadia communication, personal and universal growth we thought we were when we started them. I think it is something that is halfway.

I also think that social networks are not for people who have many followers or for people with some fame or recognition. We are victims of that, we are there to see if we’re wrong and we can crucify, or can screw up and have someone use our tweet as a headline for your purposes, political, economic or whatever.

he looks a bit negative about it.
I think we’re reaching a point where soon will get another change. We do not know yet, as we did not know what was before the rise of Twitter.

The film is set in the field, do you see living in a village or over town?
I’m in town, really. I is that I have lived in the country 17 years and already had enough. I lived in my village almost to 18 and is fine but wanted to go to a place where they will spend more.

How is facing this new television stage Buenafuente Late Motiv
this year I am a weekly contributor. I go once a week and I take care only of my section. For me change is that. I have asked Andreu do more qualitative and less quantitative because I had almost co-hosted the program with him for a long time. And do not forget which program is: the project Andreu, is your beats , that beats is it. I needed a little desmaracarme this year.

That does not mean I want to get away from the TV to focus more on film, right?
It is not a matter of making film or television. To me the end what motivates me is doing things that make me learn. Why now I’m more focused on making films that do TV? For this he had never done and has been very rewarding to learn to do this. Maybe you talk to me in five years and I’m tired, but does not respond to anything else, he is not wanting to flee. I have the great good fortune of being able to do many different things and to graduate the intensity as a function of time in which I live.

Do you think the current situation in Spain has become a bonanza for humor?
I think comedy is always there and will always exist regardless of the time we are because humor is a necessity, an inherent part of the human being, and there is a drive that meet it. And it is not related with the historical or social time ask for more or less comedy. I think comedy is the daughter of when it is and is influenced by it. Maybe it is sour or maybe you have a point of disappointment and, in happier times, is a fantastic and more comedy with your feet up and not touching the ground, but not best in comedy because things go wrong.

will there be government in Spain before the sequel to the proclamation is released?
(laughs). There is one thing I have to say seriously: it seems to me irresponsible not forming government and lead us to others if elections take us, it is not safe because it’s still- to me as if my boss gives me I work and I do and say, “hey, this work is very difficult, give me another.” Here we have already voted and they have to be understood. If they can not easily, it is your problem. It seems irresponsible to say “no, no, vote again, vote right, which is very rare to have voted”. So you put the batteries already. We wanted to make this movie and we did, right? Because they have to form a government. They do! (Laughter).


Berto Romero: “. We have already voted and they have to be understood if not easy, it’s your problem”
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March 17, 2016

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