Best 4G Android smartphones for less than 200 €


4G each ever more present in our country, and there are many sites that already enjoy coverage of these high-speed connections . And more, most mobile operators will offer access to the network at no additional charge with our rate. So, knowing that, there are many cases in which the smartphone is what fails. Either because we were not interested at the time, or because the product was a substantial cost overrun

But that’s way from over, because every time we have a lot more affordable 4G phones on the market. And without getting into the debate of whether it is really necessary or an expense that we could save us, here’s a good collection of the best 4G smartphones that are on sale for a price below 200 € .

4G/LTE Motorola Moto G


could not miss in our comparison the BBB terminal, one of two fruits when Motorola was Google’s hand and returned them to the competition in spectacular fashion. The 4G version of which I have spoken several times in EAL , is exactly equal to what we had except for the detail of connectivity, and if we want we can get it on Amazon (free, € 199), Telstra (single payment of 159 €) or Orange (one time payment of 189 €).

ZTE Blade



ZTE Motorola spent a terminal that does not look bad for the input range: screen 4.5 “qHD IPS, Qualcomm dual-core processor at 1.2GHz, 1GB of RAM, 2030mAh battery … As I discussed with the launch of the ZTE Grand S Flex , € 169 and can do with the through Telstra (at time of writing it is impossible to find Telstra on page , but ZTE page we refer to Telstra to make the purchase).

Archos 50 Helium


The French company also filed at the time two affordable handsets with Jelly Bean and 4G connectivity: the Archos 45 and 50 Helium 4G . The 50 is a little more expensive than the 45 per details as top screen, more memory, better camera, more battery … and we are left in the margin we want the superior version. I you can do with version through (free, € 201) if you are interested.

Vodafone Smart

4 Turbo / Power


Vodafone has recently introduced new devices in its range of entry , and among them are two devices that are placed above the rest and look very nice: the 4 Turbo Smart screen 4.5 “and 4 Power Smart with 5” screen. Both have 1GB of RAM, quad core processors, Android 4.4 KitKat, 4G, NFC … and can do with them contacting Vodafone (129 € for the Turbo and 179 € for Power)

Orange Rono

orange rono 1

Orange also rose at the time the truck 4G, and also has a flagship phone for this service . This phone is the Orange Rono a mid-range phone manufactured by ZTE for the French operator and is adjacent to many other phones with 4G Orange with rather appealing features. Should be available from 1 July, so we have to be vigilant upgrade Store Orange .

4G Huawei Ascend G6


And finally I would like to quote a phone, but it gets out of range of the comparative for about 40 €, this very well well worth giving that little jump. I’m talking about the 4G version of the Huawei Ascend G6, a device that has good specifications and a design quite achieved. If you are interested, can do with the on for a € 240 .

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Best 4G Android smartphones for less than 200 €
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July 7, 2014

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