Best Android apps for radio and online music

Best Android apps for radio and online music

Here I am again, bringing another compilation of applications. And this time not just for tablets, but for every known Android bug. This time I will try to explain the best applications to stream online radio and music. And although the subject may be a bit ambiguous (because from some players can do streaming) I will focus mainly on applications fully developed for this purpose. You may also drop an application that allows us to discover new songs or groups. But we’ll see below.

Digitally Imported Radio

Perhaps one of the best applications for listen to radio online from all Google Play. For those who do not know, DI Radio is a website where you can listen to many radio channels distributed in several categories and subcategories. It is emphasized that is focused on electronic music, but that does not mean that it has no channels or deephouse ChillOut for relaxing moments.

The application is very complete, when compared to the Web version. We Favourite management, ability to listen to the direct option to enter the community and opportunity to buy a premium account. Donut Requires Android 1.6 or higher to run and is completely free. Although displays an ad from time to time and has capada audio quality to 96kbps (mp3), is a matter of what type of account we hired, not the application itself.

Download Digitally Imported Radio for free on Google Play

SKY.FM Internet Radio

If there a website where I come continuously listening to good music, is Usually put 80s channel and barring any ad between songs proclaiming the benefits of premium service, everything goes smoothly.

Being from the same creator is normal to share the benefits of the previous application (DI Radio ). Although here the catalog channel and styles is much broader. As above, is fully functional with the free account, but if we go through box, enjoy some privileges (quality 320kbps, remove commercials …). Requires at least Android 1.6 Donut to run and is free. Although displays an ad from time to time and has capada audio quality to 96kbps (mp3), is a matter of what type of account we hired, not the application itself.

Download free Internet Radio on Google Play

Tune In Radio

With this application we have access to many radios worldwide. Unlike previous Tune In no access to music, but it gives us access to real radio channels spread across the globe. Although missing chains, especially local, thanks to hear from time to time a foreign radio and enjoy your favorite programs or music.

It has a simple and intuitive interface. We can add favorites, use a string as an alarm clock, put some time off (to sleep listening to the radio), or search for a particular singer or song for the application to take us to a radio that is broadcasting.

Requires Android 1.6 Donut or higher and is completely free. And while PRO version available (€ 0.70) I will not recommend since it gives a lot of problems since the last update. The free version is fully functional and complete.

Download Tune In Radio Play free on Google



Undoubtedly one of the best applications to listen to Spanish frequencies. From national chains to local (you can send yourself to complete the list). With a completely redesigned interface very recently, Spain radii allows us to hear all the chains with a minimum expenditure data and excellent quality. Although this always depends on the station itself.

It has sleep timer, delayed reproduction, bookmark management, ability to restrict access and playback option to report bugs station falls.

Requires Android 2.2 Froyo onwards to function and is free.

Download Radio of Spain in Google Play free

Loca Fun Radio

From the same creator of Radio of Spain comes this application you can listen to all available channels in the Web version of Loca FM and enjoy the best electronic music.

With a interface “balls” will choose the style that suits us in every moment. With an interface style carried the chain only provides us with some additional features. Like, for example, the share by the major social networks, report failure or delay streaming broadcast.

Requires at least Android 1.6 Donut to function and is free.

center;”> Download Crazy Fun Radio Play free on Google

UberHype for Hype Machine

With uberHype can discover new bands and songs through its search engine by blogs. It works exceptionally well and we will provide what is necessary to discover new bands and listen to good music.

It has a very neat interface, much like others of its genre. Like the others, management has favorites. And this, being more focused on finding allows us to delve into the songs looking for more information of the relevant group or blog that mentioned. And follow the group or blog for future related news. It is a good application. It is totally free and available for Android android 1.6 onwards.

Download uberHype free on Google Play


Spotify and could not miss. Little more can we add to it, because we’ve talked several times about its benefits and defects. Maybe you need to checkout to enjoy completely but its price is more than affordable for hearing all the music we want per month (€ 10 approx).

above versions Requires Android 2.1 to run and has a trial of 48 hours extendable to 30 days through a process outlined in the application itself.

Download Spotify on Google Play


You Rdio analyzed our colleague Nicholas back in October. It is a good application that offers lots of variety and quality in audio. While not as complete as Spotify, is a good alternative to this service. Meets the standards of its category (sync lists between devices, filtered searches, favorites …) and not far behind in the interface.

The application offers a coupon of 7 days to try the service. From there, we pay 5 € each month and enjoy Rdio from the web version, or use it to pay 10 € and also from the mobile. Requires Android 2.2 or higher.

Download Rdio on Google Play

Google Play Music

could not miss Google Play Music in a compilation of this type. And is that with the latest developments have improved a lot. The possibility that any group can upload their music and sell it to the platform is a strong motivator. That, plus the fact that we can upload our own music and listening to it is a great asset.

Although the interface lacks a bit of clarity and simplicity, is controlled quickly as soon as you get the hang. It is perhaps the worst point of Music, which is positioned in one of the preferred places to listen to music online. The application is free and requires Froyo Android 2.2 or higher to run correctly.

Download Google Play free on Google Music Play Music

And that’s

That’s it, maybe I left some who do their homework perfectly and I have forgotten to include. But hey, it does not hurt that I remember them in the comments so other visitors can see their views and recommendations. I hope you have found and downloaded some. If not, there is always give me sticks in the comments. 🙂

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