Best Android Apps to be Invisible in WhatsApp

Are you tired of your friends, family or your girlfriend will be monitoring according to the last time you’ve connected to WhatsApp? Want to read and respond to messages without letting people know when you logged in? This AndroidZone today I bring a selection of the best applications to be Invisible WhatsApp !


WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging service in the world. While in recent months there have been some serious contenders like LINE , still have not managed to dethrone.

One feature of this application is that we know when they have been online for the last time our contacts and thus we can deduce if they come out at night, if they have gone to bed late, that’s already been raised, and so on. Moreover, not only can we know when you have connected, but if we are writing. In many cases this can be very useful, but at the same time can become a double-edged sword because our contacts also have the same information about us, which sometimes can be somewhat annoying or inconvenient.

So, today I bring AndroidZone a number of applications that read and reply to messages from WhatsApp being completely invisible to your contacts.

It is true that we can do this without any additional application off WiFi connection or data before opening WhatsApp and re-activate after closing the application, but the truth is that this can be very tedious if you have to do it permanently.
So there are the following applications:

WhatsApp Shadow

In my opinion is the best application of this type. is an excellent tool (still in beta) that allows us to read WhatsApp messages without anyone knowing that we’ve connected. This means that we can go to the app, read messages and reply being totally invisible to our contacts so that they can tell when you’ve been online for the last time and so control us.
 WhatsApp Shadow-3  Shadow-WhatsApp

Good thing WhatsApp Shadow gives us the possibility to enter WhatsApp in invisible mode or change to visible mode if you want from within the application itself with integrated icon.

WhatsApp Running Shadow is quite simple. To ensure that our state is not updated, what it does is disable the WiFi and data, but only while WhatsApp is open. This means that while you are invisible not send or receive messages, but leave the application is reactivated normal connections and can send and receive messages again. In addition, there is a button to refresh so we can send and receive messages without displaying outstanding but we are connected.

Also, using WhatsApp Shadow is easy. When the icon is red, it means that we will be invisible, whereas if we press and put it in green, we will be visible.

WhatsApp Shadow integrates with WhatsApp and can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Download WhatsApp Shadow (Google Play)



Another application WhatsApp to chat Invisible invisible is so that we can enter WhatsApp contacts but without our knowing it.

 Invisible WhatsApp WhatsApp-Invisible

Invisible works similar to Shadow and to disconnect connections LAUNCH our application. After the run, we can read and reply to messages and to exit the application, take 20 seconds to get back to being online again.

Personally I like Shadow, but can also Invisible be a good choice since it is also free.

Download Invisible WhatsApp (Google Play)

Hide WhatsApp

– Block State


WhatsApp is an application that can block access to our latest WhatsApp and read and answer the talks without showing the last time that we have or if we are online.

 WhatsApp Hide  Hide-WhatsApp

This is another great app for those who want to use WhatsApp anonymously and no one can control them according to the last time you were online.

Use WhatsApp Hide is very easy: just enter WhatsApp Hide from the menu and then return to the app to reset the connections.

Hide The operation is similar to the above: when the application disconnects the WiFi and out , re-activate after 20 seconds.

Hide WhatsApp is a free application that can be downloaded from Google Play and requires Android 2.1 or higher.

Download WhatsApp Hide (Google Play)

WhatsApp Offline


good WhatsApp is allowing us to stay connected, it can also become a headache. Sometimes we do not want to receive messages from WhatsApp but the application does not have the option to be off-line, ie while moving on and have the connection, receive messages 24 hours, even while we are at work or sleeping.

WhatsApp Offline Mode-3

However, WhatsApp Offline Mode solves that problem by allowing us to appear offline. It should be noted that while we are offline we can not send or receive messages even have internet. To do this we will have to open the application or put it in online mode again.

To use WhatsApp just Offline Mode:

1 – Open the application.
2 – Put WhatsApp Offline Mode
3 – Ready! Enjoy the tranquility of not being bothered by WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp Offline Mode WhatsApp Offline Mode-

As you see it is a different application to the rest. WhatsApp Offline Mode can be downloaded from Google Play at a price of 1.05 euros.

Download WhatsApp Hide (Google Play)

Have you tried any of these applications to be invisible on WhatsApp? What is the one you like the most? Leave me your thoughts in the comments!

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 WhatsApp Offline Mode WhatsApp Offline Mode-  WhatsApp Offline Mode-3  WhatsApp Offlinie  Invisible WhatsApp  Invisible WhatsApp-  WhatsApp Hide  Hide-WhatsApp

Best Android Apps to be Invisible in WhatsApp
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March 22, 2013

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