Best cache for wordpress plugins

When you have tens of thousands of entries in a blog, a very impressive number of comments and hundreds of hits per second to the database, it is important concontrarse an appropriate strategy to keep the site available without the server explode.

cache plugins in WordPress are very popular, almost essential in any project developed as they offer the possibility of reducing the load on the database showing the same content, updated, statically.

Most of this type of extension for WordPress works the same way: obtains information from the database, generates a static HTML page and shows visitors until you receive the order to update their content. Choosing the update time that HTML page depends on several factors: number of visits, frequency of updating the main content, frequency of new comments in article … variables that we need to look constantly to set the appropriate values ​​and provide the best possible performance readers.

Among the most popular plugins are:

Super Cache

A classic which includes three different ways of providing static content to our readers: Mod_Rewrite, PHP and Legacy caching. The last method is the least popular (use a different cache system and identified regular readers than the rest), so most just betting on PHP (does not require altering htaccess and is quick to the vast majority of situations) or Mod_Rewrite (requires altering htaccess, but is ideal for unexpected visits peaks).

W3 Total Cache

 w3 Much more difficult to configure than the previous option, but is the most used among the great blogs around the world. Promises to increase the loading speed of any WordPress up to 10 times, can be integrated with CDN provides caching option for pages and databases, can compress the size of files and CSS JC .. the options menu that is generated inside of WordPress is so extensive that it can be difficult for those who are starting, so I prefer to frame it in the “plugins for those who have experience with the subject.”

Here a nice article showing how to configure some of its sections and here one ebook that is solely on this plugin.

Hyper Cache

Not as popular as the previous two, but it is so easy to configure that worth a try when there are so many variables need to be specified.

is recommended for cases in which the server does not have many resources, there is a simpler version of Cache Lite” one call.

official page of this new option is in / plugins / hyper-cache .

What is your experience with the cache plugin used in your WordPress?

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Best cache for wordpress plugins
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May 6, 2013

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