Best quality photo upload Instagram will not find either Android or iOS

The best quality photo upload Instagram will not find either Android or iOS

Despite what they say, iOS does not give the highest quality to upload images to Instagram, nor reviled version of Android. The magic makes Rudy Huyn through its unofficial client 6tag.

When it comes to Instagram , we speak of a service which, since its inception, has never had to preserve the resolution and the proportion of the original photos as one of its principles. His style has always been more climbing the cropping photos until they were square and a size of 640 x 640 pixels (I understand that by streamlining data download), remembering a classic Polaroid photo album . However, I think this does should be incompatible with quality just seeing the rise . That is, if we cut a section 8 megapixel picture at 640 x 640, the result we find in Instagram to climb without filtros should be similar.

But this is not so, and in fact has always been a debate in quality between platforms. Instagram born in IOS and it is undeniable that you have always put more love into that version. The Android, in contrast, has always been maligned by the prosecution that has made images to upload. I never doubted it, but I’ve always wanted to check it out, and now that I have access to all platforms that have official application and no officer can upload as 6tag, it seems a good time to compare.

What platform offers more quality up to Instagram?

First I wanted to see how well Instagram takes with artifacts when compressing images. To do this, nothing better than a Table ISO where you can see well the effects that occur throughout the image. Dejo 7 images. The original (before uploading, of course), the iOS, Windows Phone 2 (6tag and official client) and 3 Android, belonging to different versions of the app. As it is desirable, the original was uploaded to all platforms untrimmed, the native resolution, without applying filters . For comparison sake, I recommend clicking on each image, because default is compressed in the gallery, and no difference was observed. In the title of each (end of the link) you can see client corresponds to each photo. At the end of the post I leave a link so you can download all photos.

Now check it treats the actual pictures

Again, from my point of view 6tag again the client best processes , the most respected detail and fewer artifacts introduced. The iOS version is also acceptable, although modifying more color and introduces artificial sharpness, which is quite visible. The official Windows Phone is again a disaster, completely smoothing the visible detail. Finally, Android is also acceptable . The last picture is a rise in the picture in full resolution and trimmed with Instagram from Android to check if the photo lose detail if you come up with a resolution higher than 640 x 640. And indeed, detail is lost, something visible in the grass. So I recommend that, though uncomfortable, if you think upload photos from Android, you recortéis photo with one of several existing tools before uploading, because the end result will be better.

Finally I leave one little comparison between the result of version 4 (2013) Instagram on Android compared to version 6 (Newest). As you can see below, the user complaints were substantiated. At the top of the Moto 360, for example, you can see the aliasing applied Instagram before.

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