‘Better Call Saul’: I’m not Jimmy McGill, but not yet Saul Goodman

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Tonight, at 23:30, Canal + Series premiere the second season ‘Better Saul call ‘, which was shown last night on AMC in the United States. The spin-off prequel, somehow, from ‘ Breaking Bad ‘ started last year between curiosity and some fear that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, creators series, they could do with Saul Goodman, attorney began as a secondary pulling comedian and ended entangled in the same dangerous skein everyone else.

those first ten chapters showed, however, one thing, and that was that Gould and Gilligan were not interested in having a variation of ‘Breaking Bad’, and that his look at who was Saul Goodman before he met Walter White going to go their own way . In the second season, this independent path maintains its course, and does so a little song title Britney Spears : the protagonist is no longer Jimmy McGill, but it is still Saul Goodman <- more ->

The continuing story of ‘Better call Saul’

 Saul Mike

This first episode of the second season is almost directly below the end of the previous game. It is the advantage that Gould and Gilligan had to learn before the series have seen the light, which was already renewed for a new batch of episodes. But then that does not mean that Jimmy McGill is in the same spot as before. In fact, all that has lived until now forces him to rethink some things.

However, Peter Gould himself explained in algunas interviews that does not mean that Jimmy has already lived the time ‘Breaking Bad’. The situation with his brother Chuck other leads to a crisis of confidence . Is it worth doing the right thing? Would not it be better to surrender to the dark side? It is the conflict in moving Jimmy from the beginning of the series, and will not solve yet.

Mike also had a look at how it was his past life before the end of charge parking in the court, and we will continue to attend to their work apart. One of them, in fact, it seems that will provide a subplot in the second season would not be surprising that those doubts had just crossing with Jimmy about where to direct his life.

a commitment to humor and aesthetics


the plot of Mike brings one of the notes mood chapter , a mood that continues to ‘Better call Saul’ a less black line in ‘Breaking Bad’, but far from what would be a comedy laughter. Much of the “jokes” are visual; each shot of the series is packed with information that the viewer receives without anyone having to tell it, and let some friendly gags at the expense of how pathetic they are some characters.

that aspect, “Better call Saul ‘still displaying a visual personality that kinship with’ Breaking Bad ‘, but the dilemma facing Jimmy McGill strengthens him as a character with his own identity. He is not Walter. His temptation toward life easier comes second, and so it has to tackle it is also different. Bob Odenkirk plays someone very human, someone who feels how you pull the dull life of what is supposed to do and a more exciting but less “correct”.

The second season of ‘Better Saul call ‘will continue to explore these questions of Jimmy on the way to end up as Saul Goodman. What will be the trigger that leads to you to choose that path? The number in no hurry to tell us , and it’s the best idea I could have. Jimmy is already sufficiently interesting in itself.

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‘Better Call Saul’: I’m not Jimmy McGill, but not yet Saul Goodman
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February 16, 2016

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