Black Desert Online alleged sexist jokes poses Overwatch

As part of April Fool’s Day.
Daum Games today announced the inclusion of a poses new animated series to celebrate the victories in Desert Black Desert Online Online , a few days ago, premiered a new expansion and competitive multiplayer aspect PC.
Poses refer to the alleged and controversial poses gender of one of the female characters in Overwatch that after complaints from a group of users were removed from the game
Thus, according Daum Games, the characters -. regardless of their sex or their costumes – celebrate the victories in the new competitive PvP mode Black Desert Online checking your back . Animation will be added during the next week , coinciding with the maintenance of the game, without charge , although the developer promises more variety of back and movements soon.

Black Desert is a exclusive game massively multiplayer online role PC . It is a title of payment, but will have no monthly subscription. Vandal have your analysis, href=”″ here .

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Black Desert Online alleged sexist jokes poses Overwatch


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