‘Black Diamond’, a film that uncovers trafficking minors in African football


  • “We tried to talk to two teams, one white and one Barca, and we have neither received nor wanted position,” says the director of the film.
  • Carlos Bardem, a critical football fan with football: “I live in conflict with football, as long ago ceased to be a sport for business”

Carlos Bardem, at the launch of 'Black Diamonds'

Spanish film Black Diamonds , directed by Miguel Alcantud and starring an actor Carlos Bardem and Alassane Diakité , amateur soccer player, uncovers the scandal Transfer of African children in the world of football and its existence in number about 20,000 cases in Europe. The film, which opens on November 29, tells the story of Amadou Moussa, two guys from Mali fifteen and sixteen years, respectively, who are recruited by a Spanish scout, in exchange for 2,500 euros , to play in the French league.

dream is truncated when both arrive in Madrid after circumvent customs saying they are going to study and not to play football , and the most you get is a test in a humble neighborhood team before becoming homeless. The film, the Audience Award at the Festival de Málaga , is an accurate portrayal of a plot that only seeks economic performance and robs kids of all human condition to be treated as a commodity.

No response

two clubs

Miguel alcantud , director of the film, said during the presentation that during filming could not win the support of some football clubs to which they sought help. “We tried to talk to two teams, one white (Real Madrid) and another Barca (Barcelona), and nor have they received us nor have wanted position. Yeah there have been clubs like Atletico Madrid and Valencia who have helped us,” said the director.

Carlo D’Ursi , actor and producer of the film, said Black Diamonds is trying to “raise public awareness about this scam from the point of view of children. ” “It’s a matter of respecting the rules as they are, because FIFA has a policy by which these situations are prevented. Wanted not sentimentality or carrion, but did want be very honest on what we” said D’Ursi.

“Live in conflict with football,”

Carlos Bardem , actor and star of the film, said that the role Representative interpreted scout “is a metaphor for the things they sell us from the power of the entrepreneur.” “My character is used inequality of these guys. Doing the film, I discovered the huge amount of resemblance that exists with trafficking in women and people who traffic in misery, because in the end After all that remains in the way people are swindled, “he said.

Bardem, amateur Atletico Madrid , explained that every day feels far everything football is because you are losing the purity component had before. “I live in conflict with football because it makes time ceased to be a sport for business . Vivo tolerance in conflict with the power with the clubs and their debt to the Treasury, which is forgiven because it is part of the circus and entertainment. either do not understand that there is no footballer not to talk about what’s going on in this country, “he added.

Actor and director considered: “The football is not a reflection of the world so unequal in which we live, in which there is a majority of people in poverty and his dream is to succeed in first-world wealth. Here are kids who want to be the next Samuel Eto’o or Didier Drogba and think that if they’re going to get here. account as the movie, cheat with money to escape poverty.’s not a charitable or humanitarian work that of these people, take them thousands of euros for a scam. “

Disappointed with Barça and Madrid

Alassane Diakité , Canillas Malian footballer and star of the film, lamented the behavior of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which have decepcionadpo by failing to support the tape when asked to help. “I was disappointed but not surprised. They want to be left out of the story and I sincerely believe that could support it, because the film does a good deed.’s Against the bad form of some scouts and FIFA also goes against the bad way to remove a child from home, away from his family, and take it to another continent and then if it does not work leave lying. We go against that and denounce “he explains.

Diakité , 22, left Mali in 2007 for France, where was cut short his dream of being elite player to feel cheated by the mafias that weave networks of child trafficking in the world of football. Now his story and that of many other kids has been to the movies in the movie Black Diamonds , which wants to bring infringement of Article 18 of the FIFA regulations banning the transfer of under 18.

“My story is the same which is told in the film, a guy who wins the trafficking of children in football.’ll take the country, in some cases not even the club which Travel is responsible, but yourself, and once you get to Europe you realize that everything you have said is not true, “he says.

‘Black Diamond’, a film that uncovers trafficking minors in African football
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November 26, 2013

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