Black Friday 2019: The best deals on video games

we Review the best deals that you can find in the games of PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, both in the digital stores and in physical format, as well as other types of products gaming.

A year is already here, the Black Friday, a week full of offers in all kinds of products, enters the that they have a place prominent video games, being one of the best times to fish all kinds of titles at the best price, both releases of months ago as other more recent. Since they are promoting so many rebates at the same time, both in physical format and digital, we felt it appropriate to review some of the discounts most interesting that you can find in games for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC, a piece of news that we will be updating in the next few days according to announce -or discover – new offers.

Games digital PS4

deals on PlayStation Store, the digital store for PS4, ripped off this Friday the 22nd of November, and will end December 3. In them we can find more than a hundred of games with discounts, which include some recent releases. So we can get Borderlands 3 by 39,99 €, FIFA 20 by 44,99 €, Days Gone by 39,99 €, Devil May Cry 5 by 19,99 €, Person 5 by 17,99 € or Resident Evil 2 by 19,99 €, among many others. All the exclusive Sony are discounted, and can get Spider-Man by 19,99 €, God of War by 14,99 € or or the complete edition of Horizon Zero Dawn by 14,99 €.

  • Here you can see all of the discounts available for PS4
  • digital Games Xbox One

    The digital store of Microsoft was the most madrugadora and start your bids on the 21st of November, although only for users of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, ahead of time. starting tomorrow, November 24, these offers will be available to all players of Xbox One, and in them we can find deals very succulent, as Gears 5 by 34,99 €, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown by 27,99 €, Battlefield 5 by 24,99 €, the Metro Exodus by 34,99 €, NBA 2K20 by 34,99 €, Red Dead Redemption 2 by 34,99 € or Monster Hunter World by 14,99 €. There are dozens of interesting games with discounts are very important, so we invite you to consult all in the following link.

  • Here you can see all of the discounts available to Xbox One
  • digital Games from Nintendo Switch

    Although as usual a little more shy than Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo also wanted to add to the offers digital on the occasion of Black Friday, and since yesterday to December 1 are available the calls Ciberofertas, with a multitude of games from Nintendo Switch with discount. So we can find Dragon Ball FighterZ by 17,99 €, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by 29,99 €, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 by 41,99 €, Octopah Traveler by 35,99 € or New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe by 41,99 €, among many other titles, that you can see below.

  • Here you can see all of the discounts available for the Nintendo Switch
  • physical Games in GAME

    The chain of game stores most important in Spain, GAME, such as could not be otherwise, has also been added to the Black Friday, with some initial offers that will be expanded in the next few days. Among the many physical games discounted for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch we have Borderlands 3 deluxe edition for 39,95 €, Just Cause 4 by 14,95 €, Rainbow Six Siege by 14,95 €, South Park: Rearguard in Danger by 14,95 €, Far Cry 5 by 19,95 €, Dragon Ball FighterZ by 24,95 € (all versions), Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle by 24,95 €, Ghost Recon Breakpoint by 29,95 €, Mortal Kombat 11 by 29,95 €, Red Dead Redemption II by 29,95 €, and many more, that you can see below.

  • Here you can see all offers of GAME
  • Black Friday of Amazon

    The online store most important of the world, Amazon, is also added to the Black Friday with discounts on all sorts of products, including video games. Thus we can get the Subscription 12 months for the 44,99 €, games in physical format as a Ghost Recon Breakpoint for the 33,9 €, The Division 2 for the for 21.9 €, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for the 19,9 €, and in addition all types of laptops, monitors and accessories gaming with significant discounts, that you can see below.

  • Here you can see all offers of video games Amazon
  • digital Games, PC Epic Games Store

    The store of Epic Games of digital games PC also is in addition to the discounts, with Metro Exodus by 19,99 €, Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey by 19,99 €, Red Dead Redemption 2 by 47,99 € , Borderlands 3 by 40,19 € or The Outer Worlds by 44,99 €, among others. These offers will end on December 2, and below you can view all of them.

  • Here you can see all offers of video games Epic Games Store
  • digital Games PC Ubisoft

    As you have seen so far, the games of Ubisoft are one of the great protagonists of the discounts of Black Friday, being its entire catalog with great discounts, both in physical format and digital, including digital storefront of the company, where we can find PC games as an The Division 2 by 21,00 €, Far Cry 5 for 15 €, Ghost Recon Breakpoint by 29,99 € or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in its gold edition, with all the contents, for 40 €. Below you can check out these and many other offerings.

  • Here you can see all offers of shop digital of Ubisoft
  • we will Continue to add new offerings in the next few days

    Stay tuned to these news already that in the next few days we will be adding new offers and discounts as you are announcing or go discovering, since Black Friday will be held over the next week, at least until Monday, December 2, when will Cyber Monday, a day that also produced significant discounts in internet stores.

    Black Friday 2019: The best deals on video games

    Black Friday 2019: The best deals on video games
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    November 23, 2019

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