‘Blade Runner 2049’: Denis Villeneuve states that the director’s cut is the one that we see in the film


We are now all counting the days until ‘Blade Runner 2049’ hits theaters on the 6th of October. The expectations are high for everything, but also the fear that Denis Villeneuve has not been at the height of a titanic challenge that has been taken. It takes little short of a masterpiece that many do not value as a disappointment, but the author of ‘The arrival’ (‘Arrival’) has been shown to have full trust to the point that what we will see is going to be the director’s cut.

In this way, Villeneuve ditch any possible discussion on the possibility of later removal of other versions, something that has already happened with the first delivery. In addition, the responsible tape as ‘Prisoners’ (‘Prisoners’) or ‘Hitman’ did not hesitate to joke about valuing the possibility of any other mounts, but always pointing out that he would not take part in them:


The issue is that the movie that you are going to see is the director’s cut. There will be No more… maybe there’s a version of the studio (laughs), and that a version of the producer, but not a director. This is my mount, so I don’t think that there will be more. If there are any alternative version, it will not be mine.

could Not have been more blunt, but let us not forget that Sony is one of the companies that go involved in the making of ‘Blade Runner 2049’, and that in his time had already been raised versions “clean” of some of their films to reach a wider audience. In this case, the assembly will come to a room takes 163 minutes and has received a rating for adults in the united States, which limits its travel business. Yes, there are distributed Warner and not Sony.

Rutger Hauer asks if it is necessary


The interpretation of Rutger Hauer as the replicant Roy Batty is one of the most celebrated of ‘Blade Runner’, but the veteran actor is back for this second installment -from the original distribution is only confirmed the reappearance of the Harrison Ford and Edward James Olmos-. In fact, the veteran actor does not understand the need of have made a sequel and it’s pronounced about it:

I am surprised that it has been revisited in any way. No matter which is right after or ten years later. I don’t know about what’s going. When I see the movie to know what it is. I think I know what the story is and I surprise you very much it is not… and would probably be a good surprise.

finally, Hauer understands that we are in a free market and that anyone who pays for the rights you can do what you want, but also that he would never attempt it if the original material was really good, the only thing that you’re going to do is cavarte your own hole. Come on, that your trust in that ‘Blade Runner 2049’ can be the height is, in the best of cases, limited…

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‘Blade Runner 2049’: Denis Villeneuve states that the director’s cut is the one that we see in the film
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September 25, 2017

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