‘Bleach’: the film we want to impress with a new trailer full of action


After the short teaser presentation of the project, Warner has shared a new trailer for ‘Bleach’, adaptation in real image of the famous manga created by Tite Kubo. The mise en scene of the film is the responsibility of Shinsuke Sato, who already directed the adaptations of ‘Gantz’ (2010), ‘I Am a Hero’ (2015) and ‘Death Note: The new world’ (2016).

The comic book story focuses on Ichigo Kurosaki, a young man who becomes a “Reaper of Souls” (or “God of Death”) when, during a fight against an evil spirit, a member of the “Society of Souls” gives him his powers. After this incident, Ichigo has the task of escorting the souls of the dead and protect the living…

The film is scheduled to premiere on japanese for the next 20 July; for now there is no date for his arrival in Spain. the Sôta Fukushi interprets the main character of ‘Bleach’, leading a cast that also includes Miyavi, Hana Sugisaki, Ryô Yoshizawa and Taichi Saotome, among others.

The original work of Kubo published from the year 2001 to 2016, and has sold around 900 million copies in Japan. ‘Bleach’ was moved to animation series in 2004 under the direction of Noriyuki Abe and has spawned four feature films, the last released in 2010. In addition, the franchise of ‘Bleach’ account with video games and all kinds of merchandising.

I’m Not a fan of the manga or the anime, and the trailer has not impressed me although I would love to enjoy a good show of action and fantasy. I hope that the reviews and comments of the public recommended the film to apuntármelo. What do you think, you have convinced the advance?

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‘Bleach’: the film we want to impress with a new trailer full of action
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April 21, 2018

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