‘Blind’ has a good reason for not teaching the monster: did you laugh

'blind' is a good reason for not teaching the monster: did you laugh

Netflix has achieved ‘blind’ (‘Bird Box’) it has become one of the movies most viewed and commented on of the christmas holidays. The thriller performed by Susanne Bier is the most successful of Netflix to the to overcome the 45 million reproductions during the first week of its release. And as your director does not have the trading mindset of Hollywood, many viewers have been left with questions.

let’s Remember that the film is part of a strange phenomenon that is wiping out the world’s population; there is a “mysterious force” to spread across the world, and if someone sees it, takes his life as it is. The only solution is to cover the eyes. So one of the big unknowns of ‘blind’ is the appearance of the “monster”. Never teach. Just in case you have not seen yet the movie, we continue with the topic after the next paragraph, do not consider that there is spoilers

Each time a character sees those creatures, invisible, enters into trance, says some thing and commits suicide; the viewer’s imagination does the rest, and is a powerful resource. In fact, one could argue that the protagonist, Malorie (Sandra Bullock), you don’t see as well that the public should not do so. However, ‘blind’ does not maintain a single point of view, it also follows characters who observe these creatures…

And in fact, in the beginning, there was a scene where she is showing. What account playwright Eric Heisserer (‘The arrival’): “there Was a moment where one of the producers said, ‘No, you have to see something at some point’. And forced me to write basically a sequence of nightmare where Malorie is one in that house.”

So Heisserer fulfilled the order and created the monster to present it to the public. But when they were rolling, the result was not precisely frightening: “I turned around and there he was. is made Me laugh. It was only a baby-long and fat“, remembers the writer. Bullock was also not convinced: “it Was a guy green with a horrible face, baby.”

For her part, Susanne Bier says: “What we recorded and we use a lot of energy, but every time I saw him, I thought: This is not going to be tense. It’s going to be fun’. At the beginning, Sandy said, ‘I don’t want to see it’ because I thought that would be scary. Then said: ‘I do Not teach because I will laugh’. Every time I looked at him I was like: ‘Fuck, that is a film different'”.

“whatever these beings are, access our deepest fear. That is different from one person to another. I think that to adopt suddenly a concrete way to illustrate it, it becomes weak. Although the concept is really strong, to try to illustrate, almost devoid of meaning. It would have been the wrong decision,” concludes the filmmaker.


The only thing that is included in ‘blind’ to give us an idea of what the creatures are, simply, some drawings that exposes the amazing character played by Tom Hollander. And I think that matched. At least in this case. If the monster does not work, best to hide it as much as possible. So what did Spielberg with ‘Jaws’, and today continues to impact.

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‘Blind’ has a good reason for not teaching the monster: did you laugh
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January 2, 2019

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