Blockers of USB data: the condom for your mobile phone

Since we do not know to live without a mobile phone in hand, one of the major crises of our day-to-day is to remain without battery. And by very banal as that sounds, we’ve all been there. So are these modern times.For this reason, increasingly more public places -like restaurants, airports, hotels or train – have a public charging stations for your smartphone, so that you can continue to likes in Instagram to dexter and sinister, or talking on the WhatsApp without stopping. Yes, for the sake of the continuity of humanity, don’t do it if you’ve been with someone or we will have dating messages.With these ports USB public come the problems: you may believe that in the XXI century and in a country as developed as yours serious infections are rare, however, the Digital Age brings with it another type of virus. The hackers know that you connect your mobile in these places and going to take the opportunity to steal your information.Authorities such as the District Attorney’s office Los Angeles have warned recently of this problem, called ‘juice jacking’, a type of cyber attack which consists of the ciberdelicuentes put malware in the charging stations so that when you connect infects your phone or electronic device that plugs.The virus can lock the device, or export data and passwords directly to the scammer. This is one of the many ways in which it has increased the gap of the cybersecurity, because the cyber attacks have soared more than 40% in Spain.In the same way that in your real relationships, you have to do in your virtual relationships is to protect you. And that is the condom.There are many brands that have launched on the market your pop-up blocker to USB data by way of a preservative for your smartphone, your tablet , or your laptop. With this stick you can connect to USB ports in public without fear of being ‘hacked’, which prevents them from accessing your data.Once we connect our device to the USB public, this ‘condom modern’ blocks all data transfer that can be done, then simply charge your device thanks to the data cables have been removed as you can see in the picture above.As we said, there are many brands that are marketed, the block of data, but you should be sure that really the USB that shopping makes that function. here we propose these two models:
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Blockers of USB data: the condom for your mobile phone
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January 1, 2020

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