Bloodline and fantastic run of original content from Netflix

In the not too distant past, Netflix was a company offering a unique service in the United States: he sent home a DVD movie. Today the world is another, hardly anyone using DVDs and Netflix stopped sending things by mail to become one of the video services streaming the world’s largest, and the addiction of millions of users Supporters film and television.

On the road and while growing up, Netflix realized that it could be more than just a distributor of content that others generate. She realized she could use her winnings to produce on their side and have some more to offer its customers and that can not be found elsewhere.

Netflix originals

With the original content Netflix has two objectives: not rely 100% of the outside , and become a something like a modern HBO. To publish a series or a movie, Netflix must negotiate with the studios and pay license which often have high prices, regional restrictions absurd that give me ulcers, and which expire with some frequency; by what we see as the content disappears from Netflix constantly. The company would not pay that work to keep x film to life, preferring to hire for a limited time to rotate the catalog. Remove some and put others.

Netflix offers more and more original and exclusive content. It is a giant television growing.

The original content of Netflix does not face this problem, it faces no expiration dates, restrictions which vary from country to country, or licenses with exorbitant prices, as the recent case of the fight Seinfeld as the studio wants $ 500,000 per episode. Also makes available to the offensive, offering exclusive content, quality, and you can eat completito marathon since Netflix publishes its series of full seasons and not per episode. All this gives the more you earn to pay the subscription users.

But how good is the original content from Netflix?

To put it more simply: worth pay for a subscription to Netflix only with your original content, even if we remove all movies, series of others, and to anime, Netflix originals are now pure gold, and justify all payment.

Maybe you’ve heard a lot of House of Cards as is fabulous and the best of today’s television. Many believe that is the only good that has produced Netflix, and are far from reality. The other set of Netflix has gained more popularity and has received positive reviews galore, is Orange is the new black (my favorite, of course) begins his third season at midyear. These two series are already well established and have their fans, has been over two years since they appeared and were successful, and Netflix has not gone to sleep.
Original content from Netflix now It is so good, that alone is worth the subscription.

The 2015 will be the biggest year of Netflix in terms of original content, and yisus Oh! as they have good pitching good series after series in just three months. In December last year they released Marco Polo, which has not so much attention as expected, and although I have not seen, I’ve read mixed reviews about it. Was apparently Marco Polo engine heating. In March exploded all.

The third season of House of Cards was phenomenal, but They had not even had a good couple of weeks and Netflix and comedy premiered Unbreakable Kimmy Smith is downright fabulous. When I was starting to forget the jokes made me laugh for days after finish watching it, throw Bloodline with my dear Kyle Chandler, and are also broadcast exclusively for Latin America’s first season Better Call Saul thanks to a great agreement that has been reached Netflix the AMC channel (in fact, advertised as an original Netflix).

In Bloodline have seen only three episodes, but I dare say it is high quality television, which was the fourth series I see this year thanks to Netflix and maintained the quality of all the above, it has motivated me to write this. Better Call Saul has exceeded every one of my expectations, Vice Gilligan simply a teacher. And in about three months back Orange is the new black. What more could you want?

Marvel and Netflix

2013 Netflix reached an agreement with Marvel to produce four, read FOUR, original series. The superheroes who will have their own series on Netflix are: Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones. Each of these series has secured at least 13 episodes in the first season. Daredevil and saw two spectacular trailers, and waited for the fourth quarter. The rest, just have to wait a little longer.

9 new series confirmed until now that premiered in 2015 Netflix, and we three, the rest will go arriving in the year, and honestly can not wait.

Bloodline and fantastic run of original content from Netflix


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