‘Bloodshot’: a fun cocktail of action with spirit of B-series that proves that there is life beyond Marvel and DC

‘Bloodshot’: a fun cocktail of action with spirit of B-series that proves that there is life beyond Marvel and DC

it Is virtually impossible to conceive of the film industry contemporary without taking into consideration elements such as franchises, universes are shared and, very especially, the superheroes. Since the release of ‘Iron Man’ in 2008, the premieres of this subgenus have been growing exponentially, and have become major strongholds for both Disney as well as for Warner Bros.

luckily, in the middle of a tight duopoly of Marvel and DC on adaptations of comic books, the landing in the film industry Valiant, a company founded in 1989 by Jim Shooter, former Editor-in-Chief of The house of ideas— and Bob Layton, and it was revived in 2005 under the name of Valiant Entertainment, has been a much-needed breath of fresh air in the sector.

Without waiting for practically nothing from it, ‘Bloodshot’the first adaptation of the cartoon of the large screen of a license Valiant, has managed to open up a hole into my heart-saturated heroes masked and superpowers thanks to your humble sense of spectacle and a spirit that refuses to make up its seed of action ochentera of series B most light-hearted.


I will Not deny that, since the first publication of promotional materials, my mistrust of ‘Bloodshot’ shot up to the point of waiting for a bump of fat at the creative level. The film seemed to merge components narrative seen a thousand times with an approximation of the formal and stylistic own of principles of the decade of the 2000s.

Up to a certain point, my suspicions were not too desencaminadas, because the jump to the length of Dave Wilson don’t stop to fall into the clichés, clichés, and wetlands structural of the stories of origins superheróicas while wraps it all up with a cyberpunk aesthetic something outmoded. However, almost by magic, the filmmaker has managed to not only overcome these obstacles, but also, use them to your favor to some extent.

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half-way between the story of bioethics of the ‘Robocop’ Paul Verhoeven, the skills of regeneration and the desire of revenge Wolverine, and the blockbuster current is a more generic, ‘Bloodshot’ ends by offering a cocktail of action and comedy for —almost— all the public that, though not notable for its originality, it manages to offer a little less than two hours of fun direct and without pretense.

This, in addition to channeled through a cast that seems to be having a big scene after scene —a special mention for a Vin Diesel-which character you will like a ring on a finger, it is obtained thanks to the rhythmic succession of set-pieces. Some sequences clearly elaborated and maintained on paper, but whose implementation is far from perfect due to a mounting excessively chaotic and fragmented.

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we must Not forget that ‘Bloodsot’ is a production budgeted at a paltry $ 42 million. With this in mind, it is evident that Wilson pulls gold out of every dime, getting the most revenue to his career in the field of VFX, and translating the logistical constraints on show what’s more resulted and exciting with a production design more lucid than you’d expect.

With ‘Bloodshot’ we are facing one of those productions that mean a lot more than what may seem to the naked eye. In spite of to be a simple —and hilarious— rehash of ideas seen in countless works of congeners and not to be destined to endure in the memory of the respectable, this modest bet of Valiant is shown sufficiently inspired as to be able to glimpse something of the light beyond the continuísmo form of Marvel and DC. And that, today, is saying a lot.

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‘Bloodshot’: a fun cocktail of action with spirit of B-series that proves that there is life beyond Marvel and DC
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March 7, 2020

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