Blown Away: First Try, a successful combination of platforms and touch controls

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Platform games They have never finished in Android liking. I think the touch controls are not always the best solution because of mechanical inherit physical controls. Sometimes you do well and sometimes developers decide to go for a different design but without losing the essence of jumping from side to side while dodging all sorts of traps.

Blown Away : First Try is the perfect example of how you can make a mobile platform for taking advantage of touch controls. Behind its simple mechanics a skill game where we have to calculate where we jumped well hidden but not the most conventional way as for example with Super Mario Bros. We’ve been playing a few hours and the proposal has convinced us.

A limited protagonist who hides a great ability

Hendrick is a small creature who has lost everything because of a gust of wind that never stops blowing and take everything along the way. The only thing left for our hero are slippers that are loaded while walking and with which we can teleport from one place to another. Once we did that, the batteries are discharged to their shoes filled again with our steps.

The mechanics of this Blown Away is based on these teleports. Battery every time we have we can automatically move to any location on the map. Our goal will be to build each load in sneakers to jump higher or place through walls. Yes, choose well where are you going to do because every action has consequences.

As the battery must be recharged for the next teleport, it is appropriate that we always Let’s move to a position where we do not fall or have to give us enough time to make another leap space. Hendrick, our hero, is somewhat limited and once you get into a cliff will not attempt to jump, it will fall to the vacuum in the hope of falling into a platform below.

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Behind this simple idea hidden 120 levels with obstacles of all kinds. At first it will seem a game more but as you advance discover that mechanical hooks and we have to look very carefully before giving the teleport button. Aesthetically, as you can see in the pictures, has a very classic tale touch to resultón.

As an added incentive, at every level have to collect a number of objects. Depending on us to catch our score (in the form of three stars or less) will be different. Some are easy to get but others will have to think carefully how to do it.

The game is free for the first 30 levels . Once we overcome them will have to pay 3 euros for the other ninety. By now you probably already have clear whether you deserve it or not pay for it. Good model of its creators to not make a free to play with us free advertisements and a quarter of all the content that is available today.

Blown Away: First Try

Blown Away: First Try Platform game

  • Price: Free (first 30 levels)
  • Developer: Black Pants Studio
  • Download: Google Play

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Blown Away: First Try, a successful combination of platforms and touch controls
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December 23, 2015

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