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Although Christmas fancy more rest and reunite with our loved ones, we can not leave out the series of articles that began a month ago. Today we know the history of Irem.

Calling this special born before 80 no surprise that Irem be founded in 1974 in Japan. Draws attention (for which we do not live that time) that his original name was not Irem, but IPM , whose initials correspond to International Playing Machine . Initially focused on hardware issues -related recreation of the time, getting their first games between 1978 and 1979, one of them being the IPM Invader ‘. In the second year changed its name better known Irem Corporation . What is less so is the fact that the name Irem is also an acronym for “International Rental Electronics Machines”, although the mid-eighties such initials finally have partnered to “Innovations in Recreational Electronic Media”. Already a loop the loop.

Year 1982, comes his first international success: ‘Moon Patrol’

Moon Patrol

After creating several video games these years his first great success, not only in Japan, but internationally, will came with ‘Moon Patrol’ , title that was distributed in the United States thanks to Williams. In it, as a glimpse of his name, we saw patrolling the moon, and we did it with a moon rover-terrain ability to jump and shoot. It is the future …

‘Moon Patrol’ became not only a shoot’em up of scroll side but also an obstacle to overcome potholes or rocks blocking our way. Today the fact is that it tells us nothing, but at the time it hit him and he covered a lot of platforms after passing through the arcades. I did not know is that Irem had laid the foundation stone that five years later would bear fruit within the genre, making the Japanese company as one of the best representatives of shumps . But we’ll get to that later.

Be water, my friend. ‘Kung-Fu Master’ paste in 1984

Kung-Fu Master

There are two genres that have contributed to Irem. One is, without a doubt, “that of navecitas”, and another is that of the action from the ground, either with kung-fu masters, ninjas or soldiers. ‘Kung-Fu Master’ came to demonstrate the latter, being another success for the company with quite an impact and that even today is remembered when speaking of the first titles scroll virtual tollinas side.

Its premise was simple enough, yet. The protagonist of the story will capture his girlfriend, and we have to rescue her. To do this we will use our fists and our kicks. The enemies we come from anywhere and can hold on, forcing us to wrestle with them to release us and our life bar does not suffer more than they should. Master his own cost. The pity is that, today, can not be said that has endured the test of time.

Not even ‘Vigilante’ (1988), also of Irem, considered spin-off of ‘Kung-Fu Master’ . Even in the story seems. And, of course, in the style of play. Although here the protagonist is a bit more agile and graphic finish is superior. Logic thing, on the other hand. They are four years apart.

1985 plays explore. Reach arcade halls ‘Spelunker’

Kung-Fu Master

While the ‘Spelunker’ was born two years before the series of consoles Atari 8-bit Commodore 64 and MicroGraphicImage by Brøderbund, Irem is responsible for adaptation to recreational, as well as for subsequent deliveries. Difficult and frustrating as few ‘Spelunker’ we got fully into caving, facing Arabian traps and enemies with bad faith.

Despite the time elapsed it is noteworthy that the original still holds up well today. Ignoring your graphics, too poor at this point, is a challenge to complete within reach of very few. Aside that has influenced many titles, such as the recent ‘Spelunky’ from Derek Yu, also with the highest difficulty. In addition to the original has enjoyed a remake that came out in Japan a few years ago (we came to Europe in late 2011) for PS3 via PlayStation Network under the name ‘Spelunker HD’ . Retains all the greatness of the original, but with a new facelift, more childlike and recharged. Oh, and a local and online multiplayer for four bands. Lucky to have the option to leave it as the work of the eighties. Yes, it’s hard as hell, frankly. I know that someday I will finish it. I do not know when, but I know.

1987, born one of the kings of shoot’em ups: ‘R-Type’


Irem Whenever we think we ‘R-Type’ . This is true. It impepinable, and there must be. The biggest hit in its history came from this saga shoot’em ups , also considered one that began, one could say, the new generation of ship games after Taito Corporation did the same at the end of the eighties with his archiconocido ‘Space Invaders’.

While Konami or own Taito had beaten first, and how!, with their respective ‘Gradius’ and ‘Darius’, ‘R-Type’ meant a gender change, mainly by the use of force. No, not Luke Skywalker plan, but that ball that could attach to our ship and he was invincible. Apart from covering, well in front of the ship or in the rear, firing, thus becoming the perfect complement. But despite use ‘R-Type’ , and by extension the whole saga has always been a hard nut to crack. Come on, that has been characterized by a high difficulty.

Throughout its history ‘R-Type’ has received several iterations and multiple platforms (Amiga 500, Super Nintendo , Playstation, etc.), highlighting the personally ‘R-Type Delta’ of the first Playstation flipped so that its effects were for the time (in addition to preserving that essence as great playable level) , a tribute to the whole saga with ‘R-Type Final’ for PS2, and the drastic change in approach that have led the ‘R-Type Tactics’ PSP . Del shoot’em up strategy passed by boxes. He enjoyed two installments (the second did not come out in Europe), and ultimately has meant the end of the saga. A shame. Though at least his memory lives among us.

nineties comes Little Man ‘Hammerin’ Harry ‘

Hammerin 'Harry

‘ Hammerin ‘Harry’ is one of those titles that are remembered with some affection when speaking of Irem. Those who remember it most probably be users NES Nintendo version that we came to Europe in 1992, with two years in relation to the original recreation, among other versions.

It has been a very prolific saga, partly for having lavished more for his country than in Europe, for example. In Japan it is known as ‘Daiku no Gen-san’ , and in 2008 received its last delivery was a spin-off to PSP entitled ‘Hammerin’ Hero ‘. Mind you, we came to Europe in 2010.

‘Hammerin’ Harry ‘ original we got into the skin of a guy wearing a cock almost as big as him and could used in multiple ways: hit the enemies, hit objects to impact with the enemies, or hit the floor atudir enemies. A title that we again make clear that another major passions were Irem titles scroll action side with humans involved. And yes, it’s what you’re thinking. It was not easy. Let’s get busy!

1991, born germ ‘Metal Slug’ born ‘GunForce’

GunForcer 2 (Geo Storm)

How can this sentence if ‘Metal Slug’ is the work of Nazca Corporation? Irem Because several members of the company took off to found precisely Nazca Corporation, delighting everyone with their work for recreation and SNK . If we had to go back to its origin would certainly in the short saga ‘GunForce’ of Irem.

Started in 1991, it was not until the arrival of its sequel, in 1994 , known both as ‘GunForce 2’ as ‘Geo Storm’ , depending on the territory, where this reality was palpable. The designs, mechanics, and even many sounds are very similar, if not a carbon copy of the ‘Metal Slug’. There had, of course, with the great sense of humor Nazca Corporation, but had different types of weapons, as spectacular explosions at the time (the graphics is still a wonder to this day), several vehicles to drive, and even rescue survivors (rather than prisoners of war had to save good-looking girls), all with a difficulty in my view, higher. Partly because sometimes clumsy control system because of squatting. That ye may know best of all what we discussed, nothing beats a video by full MrMaskaman.

This touch ‘Metal Slug’ also saw another perspective, in this case, underwater, in the recommended ‘In the Hunt ‘ (1993), also from Irem. This, in addition to recreation, we saw on Saturn and Playstation, with good conversions. Especially for SEGA console , which was handled better with pixels. Someday touch talk in depth (ahem) of it, you deserve it.

‘Irem Arcade Hits’, a good way to revive its classic

Irem Arcade Hits

Several of the classics that we have tried in these lines we find in the collection ‘Irem Arcade Hits’ . , for two years now, through service DotEmu , and the truth is that this is one of the best collections we can find today. Titles prepared to run smoothly on Mac and Windows, and can set controls (up to command, not only keyboard), and various graphic options. It got so ‘Legend of Hero: Tonma’ and ‘Undercover Cops’ . There are big absences, but still it is a good look at a company that has given us moments of glory … and difficulty in spades.

2011, Irem games leaves and returns to his roots

Irem src=””>

Who would we say … In April 2011 the company put an end to Irem game development to focus on slot machines and pachinko, as it did in the beginning. Many of its members founded another study (Granzella) to continue with the game. From here to serve these lines Irem honor for his work in this world . Thank you and goodbye!

But beware, this review of the companies born before 80 still not over. Next Wednesday, and in 2013, we will continue with another, and one of the greatest. In a sense we have already named in this special. Do you know which one it is? Soon it will reveal. Do not change the channel!

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