Box office: the emojis and the blonde atomic’t get to sink to Nolan

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The box office has been on the verge of living one of those moments that make us lose hope in the world of cinema. The movie from the Emojis, considered by critical as the biggest snafu of the summer (worse even than the latest ‘Transformers’) has remained close to unseating the acclaimed ‘Dunkerque’ the no. 1-ranked in the united States.

Less than three million separate the figure from the premiere of ‘Emoji: the movie’ and the collection of the thriller war Christopher Nolan after its second week on billboard. Lost a 44.3% of revenue, a good figure for a blockbuster, and has already surpassed $ 100 million in the north american market; his previous film, ‘Interstellar’, wearing close to 77M$ at this point. the around the world, ‘Dunkirk’ accumulates 234 million.

With these results, one could think that Sony has failed in his attempt to convert the emoticons into protagonists of a great family entertainment, however, it should be noted that the film has cost around 50 million, a figure that will exceed only with the american public. We’ll see how much you get in the global market, but it would be very unlikely to not produce a sequel (at least). On the 11th of August comes to the concert halls of spain this thing directed by Anthony Leondis.

TOP 10 with most seen in the U.S.

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In 4th position we find the other novelty of the weekend, ‘Atomic’ (‘Atomic Blonde’), an action movie with Charlize Theron as a great star cast. Not achieved a great premiere but it has garnered 4 million more than ‘John Wick’ in its first weekend; the comparison comes to story because ‘Atomic’ is the solo debut of David Leitch, co-director of the tape starring Keanu Reeves. Also, it cost 30$ , a figure that should be getting it soon. This Friday we will be able to see it in Spain.

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Box office: the emojis and the blonde atomic’t get to sink to Nolan
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July 30, 2017

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