BQ Aquaris M5, analysis

Aquaris Bq M5

After having shown first in February before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​at the end of last June, the Spanish company BQ presentó definitively the Aquaris M, its new range of smartphones this year in which we can find mid-range devices and falls with different screen sizes.

One of the mobile Highlights of the family is now analyze a Aquaris M5 midrange five-inch screen that has enough weapons to try to stand out from the competition with or nas specifications very balanced , and with a price that even without breaking it keeps reach of virtually all users


BQ Aquaris M5, specifications

DSC 0042

The Aquaris E5 last year was launched with MediaTek processor, although later that showed the BQ 2014 that the future holds in store for launching a new version 4G that, this time, He gave the jump to embrace the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor . The M5 has followed that path, and these are their complete specifications.

BQ Aquaris M5, technical characteristics
Physical dimensions 69.4 x 143 x 8.4 mm, 144 grams
Display 5 inches IPS LCD
Brightness 450 nits
Resolution Full FHD 1080×1920 pixels (440ppp)
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 615
Report 16 GB (expandable to 64GB)
software version 5.0 Lollipop with MiFavor Android 3.0 UI
Connectivity 4G LTE , NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, micro-USB OTG
Cameras Sony IMX214 Rear opening ƒ / 2 , 0 to 13 megapixel with dual flash.
Front 5 megapixel with flash
Battery 3.120 mAh non-removable
Price The official price is 259.90 euros, and we can find by Amazon XXX euros.

After taking a look at the specifications table are a few words that one will come to mind. The first is the balance , since it seems that the Spanish have thought about what you may need an average user and did not want to or exceeding any of its specifications, but neither have sinned fall short .

In this way we have a hardware configuration that is already a classic in the middle range, with a Snapdragon 615 64-bit processor that guarantees that we will be able to seamlessly move any application or game, 2 GB of RAM that reinforce its multifunction and 16 GB of storage but can stay a little short today, know supplement to have included a microSD card slot.

The camera sensor is another old of the middle range, and even some of the top last year. This is the same IMX214 signed by Sony that can be found on devices like the OnePlus One, the Ascend Mate 7 or even one that will be your biggest rivals in the stores, the ZTE Blade S6.

At So we seem to have a phone that has all the ingredients needed to comply. It is true that does not have any features that will surprise us or will help them poke their heads above the competition, but at least not’ll take nothing less in our day to day.

Personal and without too many changes

DSC 0019

Last year BQ got reinvent the aspect of their devices, clone abandoning designs and getting their phones could distinguish almost first sight , at least if you watched from behind. So no one was surprised that once they have achieved this plus personality are not willing to leave at the first change.

Personally, the design of this device fails to convince me, but it is an appreciation purely personal. I find it quite boring to see how manufacturers invest in good design a year and then are content to repeat again and again device to device. Yet this not only helps to maintain a recognizable image, but it is something that many other manufacturers are sinning, so do not think it’s something that will change.

DSC 0028

Although it may seem practically the same device yes there some small minor changes in your design. The first is that small step of separation between the screen and the rest of the moving body has changed position, so that the apparent separation now has moved from the front to the rear giving the false appearance that has a back cover . Placing the double flash also be changed through the right camera.

As for the sides, the bottom has not changed, but the microSD card slot is located on the upper right frame leaving only the entry for the audio jack and microphone. In the right frame also we will find a power button is now located below the volume, but both are perfectly accessible and manageable with our thumb.

Finally an aspect that I would make is that I think a good decision by BQ have unchecked the nonsense that is taking all manufacturers try to make a phone as thin as possible. This lack of complex not only helps by having a thicker hold the mobile better, but it may include a decent battery that makes have opted for a full HD resolution does not penalize them.

BQ Aquaris M5 ZTE Blade S6 Motorola Moto G 2014 Samsung Galaxy A5 Sony Xperia M4 Aqua
Dimensions 143 x 69.4 x 8.4 mm 144 x 70.7 x 7.7 mm 141.5 x 70.7 x 11 mm 139.3 x 69.7 x 6.7 mm 145.5 x 72.6 x 7.3 mm
Weight 144 grams 134 grams 149 grams 123 grams 136 grams
Screen size 5 inches 5 inches 5 inches 5 inches 5 inches

A right display for the midrange

DSC 0032

No matter how you use it to go to the screen of your mobile phone key aspect for any user. BQ gone on insurance equipping its Aquaris M5 with a LCD IPS 5-inch full HD and 440 dpi, all accompanied with a Quantum Technology Color + aimed at enhancing the range of colors.

First and even being aware that the family Aquaris M has phones with different sizes, I must say I like the commitment to five inches, since at least it seems to me a large enough large to enjoy multimedia content, but at the same time is also sufficiently small to to use the phone with one hand , something whose importance seem to have forgotten almost all manufacturers.

The Quantum technology helps the colors of the images are reliable and aspects such as contrast, saturation and brightness are more than correct. The only fault that I could find is that when we go out to the street and gives the sun , the screen can barely be seen. I guess here BQ saves evil of many, but that does not mean it is something that should improve in the future.

DSC 0036

Sometimes the key to a mobile is most convenient to use is in the details, and wanted to implement BQ two rather interesting, albeit with different fates. First, the screen works perfectly even when used with wet fingers nothing out of the shower, but by no means can get wet.

The second detail BQ He said he intended to implement was the possibility of using mobile wearing gloves. Unfortunately when test I’ve found that is not , at least two or three woolen gloves with which I tested. The only ones that seem to work are those gloves ready for use with phones, but come on, is the same thing can be done with anyone else.

Therefore and in summary, we can say that the screen of this Aquaris M5 is all we can expect from the midrange : On the one hand works perfectly indoors, even with wet fingers, but then again when we went outside on a sunny day we have to leave the eyes if we want to see something

Software. Betting on Android pure


The Aquaris M5 comes equipped with Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, BQ again and hit full offering almost identical pure Android experience to not overload the operating system with heavy layers of customization that, in the opinion of the writer of these lines will generally tend to end up bothering more than they help.

But that does not mean that BQ there are no changes in Android to try to improve the user experience. One of the most curious and I have seemed more practical was to be able to program the device on and off . This strikes me as ideal for saving battery overnight ensuring mobile have available and functional for when we wake up

DSC 0044

We also have the ability to configure the double-click on or off the screen determine how long it will remain lit buttons or program up to four safety contacts to which we can call without push any button in case we had an emergency.

As for the bloatware preinstalled on the device, I I have been pleasantly surprised that except for the large collection of Google Apps, BQ has just added applications . Only we will find the typical core apps messaging, file browsing or radio, which have only served with an application for the Dolby Audio and another called BQ Plus.

The Dolby Audio application is intended to change the sound profile of the device , which considering that smartphones are far from offering a perfect audio quality I do not think that we will use too much yet. As for BQ Plus is an application to manage the advanced guarantee that the manufacturer provides to its smartphones.

Performance and autonomy

DSC 0027

With the release of the 4G version of the Aquaris E5 late last year, BQ decided to abandon MediaTek signed by processors for start using Snapdragon of the US company Qualcomm. This decision has been repeated this year with Aquaris M5 and M5.5, though lower-end model, the M4.5 Aquaris , remains committed to the MediaTek.

As a result, as we see in the benchmarks with which we have analyzed this device, the scores have been more than satisfactory, getting placed as one of the reference devices in the midrange . In fact, one of the things that surprised us is that despite having almost modeled hardware, the Aquaris M5 has brought him enough advantage to S6 ZTE Blade. But yes, still is one step behind the Xperia M4 Aqua.

BQ Aquaris M5 ZTE Blade S6 Motorola Moto G 2014 Samsung Galaxy A5 Sony Xperia M4 Aqua
AnTuTu 5 32,613 27,198 18,249 21,581 34,948
Geekbench 3 2,556 2086 1705 1,460 2551
Quadrant 20,207 19,780 9232 12,241 21,609
Vellamo HTML5 2350 2295 1515 1633 1754
Vellamo Metal 935 858 527 684 770

Still, barely you can get fault the performance of this device for daily use. Open any application smoothly and has been able to move fluently all games you have installed. Come on, virtually the same as you would expect from any mid-range phone that boasts today.

But to be honest, we must also refer to a small problem that we have encountered some time, and is the odd little LaGeo animations that has slowed the operating system, for example, when we entered the view of all applications running while you are using one.

These are just a few milliseconds of slowdown point not tarnish the overall performance of the mobile , and indeed distressing average users may perceive as are present in almost any device range. But if you are a user accustomed to the high ranges the notice and brief duration or look you know they are there.

DSC 0038

It is true that the capacity of the battery of the device exceeds 3,000 mAh, but the Full HD screen makes us we have to settle easily reach a full day of reaching autonomy night with between 20 and 30% of remaining battery. In fact, in our tests we got four to four hours of use screen with a moderate use of the terminal resulting in the use of social networks, photographs, query applications like Wikipedia or IMDb, and even the odd game.

It is true that this autonomy is almost the same that can be found in almost any other mid-range device, but that is why one is left with the slight sting that both performance and autonomy had really managed to stand if the Spanish manufacturer have settled bet by a resolution of 720p.

Photo camera

DSC 0022

Although the quality of their cameras remains a major pending issues the average range is undeniable that in recent years have experienced a spectacular evolution, yet even being behind the upper ranges this is beginning to point BQ great ways .

Part of the blame lies with Sony IMX214 sensor that we have seen in so many devices, and meets perfectly with the quality standards of any mid-range device that boasts. Yet this sensor is not perfect, and the BQ continue accusing many of the problems that the IMX214 has shown in many of the phones that have been equipped.

2560 3000

This means that even when you are taking pictures in exterior and bright dynamic range still has problems , making pictures with great contrasts in heaven or the camera capture costing details. This loss of detail is especially evident when in photographs bright objects are placed in the shade as the traffic lights that is on this line, which as you can see are left totally black.

Although as you can see below pictures the difference between day and night becoming less abysmal , it remains in low light moments when the camera’s suffering. That’s where excessive noise appear blurred photos and details almost nonexistent. Perhaps with occasional manual adjustment an expert user could have used better the camera, but as we will tell in the end the native application is little more than a point and shoot.


At the end of this section you will see a small photo gallery, and a catch we can see how the macro is able to capture some details like beads on a frosty bottle, although I must say that it does so too effective, is as if not end to capture well the textures . Also, if the object is a flower or something that is moving can take forever to the camera with macro focus.

The selfies are more fashionable than ever, and BQ has done an excellent job equipping your mobile with a front camera of 5 megapixels that will make our faces look crisp, with very good resolution. Yet again we must repeat that not be the same take a picture at the beach at the club, because the worst will have less light photography.

On the software of the camera, This has been completely developed by making the prime BQ simplicity above options. Aimed at a general audience, application is a simple point and shoot in which the only options we will change the camera back to the front, making digital zoom or switch modes panoramic camera, or slow motion video.


 image01 image01 href=”″>  image01  image01

The opinion of Engadget Android

BQ has done an excellent job with their Aquaris M5, and is located in a very good position in the midrange Android with a proposal that more than meet the demands of any average user to seek a balanced phone without excess hardware that make the price will shoot more than they should.

The design is always the same, the hardware can handle any game or application you want to test, the camera takes great pictures day and night not so good, and the battery reaches us without problems the whole day of use. Come on, that have not been risky, but at least they have done enough to not miss anything and can stand as one of the major players in a competidísima midrange.


Design 7.5
Display 7.5
Performance 7.5
House 7.5
Software 8.2
Autonomy 7.5


  • balanced Hardware
  • A day battery without problems
  • microSD slot


  • Design too continuista
  • Good price, though there are cheaper alternatives like
  • The display rarely seen outdoors when the sun

The terminal looks has been given for the test by ZTE. You can check our relations policy companies.

News BQ Aquaris M5, analysis was originally published at Engadget Android by FM Yubal .

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BQ Aquaris M5, analysis
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